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International Standards

Specialists in standards compliance

Many of the products and services offered by Industrial Physics are fully compliant with the international testing standards set by the International Standardization Organization (ISO). ISO accreditation gives you confidence that products and services are safe, reliable, of good quality, and help us to gain access to new markets. These standards are internationally agreed by experts and represent “the best way of doing something.” ISO standards cover everything from quality and environmental management, through to health and safety, energy management, or IT security. Look through our product portfolio and you will find many of our test machines and associated products also comply with stringent standards developed in Europe by Comité European de Normalization (CEN).  European Standards (ENs) are based on a consensus of experts, which reflects the economic and social interests of CEN member countries. The majority of these standards were initiated by industry, but they can also come from consumers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), or associations. They can even be determined by European lawmakers.

ASTM 2162 ASTM A1064 ASTM A185 ASTM A497 ASTM B117 ASTM C1427 ASTM C584 ASTM C805 ASTM D1084 ASTM D1131 ASTM D115 ASTM D1197 ASTM D1198 ASTM D1199 ASTM D1200 ASTM D1210 ASTM D1238 ASTM D1316 ASTM D1417 ASTM D1475 ASTM D1505 ASTM D1621 ASTM D1653 ASTM D1693 ASTM D1709 Method A&B ASTM D1729 ASTM D1824 ASTM D1871 ASTM D1895 ASTM D2100 ASTM D2176. ASTM D2196 ASTM D2240 ASTM D2354 ASTM D2444 ASTM D2457 ASTM D2486 ASTM D2556 ASTM D256 ASTM D2583 ASTM D2669 ASTM D2732 ASTM D2794 ASTM D2794 and ASTM G14 ASTM D2794 and ASTM G15 ASTM D2794 and ASTM G16 ASTM D2794 and ASTM G17 ASTM D2979 ASTM D2983 ASTM D2994 ASTM D3022 ASTM D3236 ASTM D3258 ASTM D3265 ASTM D3276-07 ASTM D333 ASTM D3359 ASTM D3363 ASTM D3389 ASTM D3450 ASTM D3574 ASTM D3575 ASTM D3716 ASTM D3730 ASTM D3763-02 ASTM D3786 ASTM D3884 ASTM D3981 ASTM D3985 ASTM D4016 ASTM D4060 ASTM D4208 ASTM D4209 ASTM D4210 ASTM D4211 ASTM D4212 ASTM D4213 ASTM D4213-92 ASTM D4272 ASTM D4287 ASTM D4366 ASTM D4398 ASTM D4399 ASTM D4400 ASTM D4402 ASTM D4417 ASTM D4541 ASTM D4685 ASTM D4712  ASTM D4812 ASTM D4828 ASTM D5094 ASTM D5146 ASTM D522 ASTM D523 ASTM D5324 ASTM D562 ASTM D5682 ASTM D5748 ASTM D5895 ASTM D5946 ASTM D6037 ASTM D6110 ASTM D6272 ASTM D648 ASTM D7136 ASTM D7234 ASTM D724 ASTM D7255 ASTM D774 ASTM D789 ASTM D790 ASTM D822 ASTM D823 ASTM D824 ASTM D825 ASTM D856 ASTM D882 ASTM D968  ASTM E18 ASTM E2336 ASTM E398-3 ASTM E-4 ASTM E834-11 ASTM E92 ASTM E96 ASTM E97 ASTM F 1249 ASTM F 1921 ASTM F1307 ASTM F1319 ASTM F1566 ASTM F1571 ASTM F1839 ASTM F1927 ASTM F2095 ASTM F2096 ASTM F2659 ASTM F3299-18 ASTM F362 ASTM F510 ASTM F735 ASTM F88 ASTM D412 EN 13329(E) EN 13696 EN 14431 EN 14864 EN 23035 EN 24624 EN 438-2 EN 660-2 EN-ISO 1520 IEC 60529 (IP67 Equivalency testing) ISO 11127-6 ISO 11127-7 ISO 1133 ISO 11339:2010 ISO 11607 ISO 1183 ISO 1183-1 ISO 11998 ISO 11999 ISO 12048 ISO 12192 ISO 12625-11 ISO 12625-9 ISO 13802 ISO 13821 ISO 13938-1:2019 ISO 15105- ISO 15105-2 ISO 15106-3 ISO 1518 ISO 15184 ISO 1519 ISO 1520 ISO 1522 ISO 1524 ISO 15754 ISO 16260 ISO 16276-1 ISO 1652 ISO 1769 ISO 178 ISO 17827-1 2016 ISO 17872 ISO 179 ISO 180 ISO 1924 ISO 1974 ISO 2115  ISO 2116  ISO 2117 ISO 2360 ISO 2409 ISO 2431 ISO 2493 ISO 2555 ISO 2574 ISO 2746 ISO 2758 ISO 2759 ISO 2808 ISO 2811 ISO 2812 ISO 2812-5 ISO 2813 ISO 2814 ISO 2815 ISO 2815-2003 ISO 2818 ISO 2872 ISO 2884 ISO 2884-2 ISO 2884-3 ISO 2884-4 ISO 2960 ISO 3034 ISO 3035 ISO 3037 ISO 3127 ISO 32 ISO 3310-0 ISO 3310-1 ISO 3310-2 ISO 3310-3 ISO 3310-4 ISO 3310-5 ISO 3664 ISO 4546 ISO 4593:1993 ISO 4624 ISO 5084_1997 ISO 5264-2 ISO 5267/2 ISO 5269 ISO 5269/1 ISO 527-3 ISO 534 ISO 5470 ISO 5470-1 ISO 5627 ISO 5636/3 ISO 6272-2 ISO 6383-2 ISO 6504-1 ISO 6507 ISO 6508 ISO 6603 ISO 6860 ISO 7253 ISO 7263 ISO 75-1 ISO 7628 ISO 7668 ISO 7765-1 ISO 7783 (supersedes NF T30-018) ISO 7784-2 ISO 8256 ISO 8295 ISO 8501-1 ISO 8501-2 ISO 8501-3 ISO 8501-4 ISO 8502-3 ISO 8502-4 ISO 8502-6 ISO 8502-8 ISO 8502-9 ISO 8503-01 ISO 868 ISO 869 ISO 870 ISO 871 ISO 872 ISO 873 ISO 874 ISO 875 ISO 8791-2 ISO 8791/3 ISO 8791/4 ISO 9073 ISO 9073-2 ISO 9117-0 ISO 9117-1  ISO 9117-10  ISO 9117-11 ISO 9117-2 ISO 9117-3 ISO 9117-4  ISO 9117-5  ISO 9117-6  ISO 9117-7  ISO 9117-8  ISO 9117-9 ISO 9227 ISO 9352 ISO 9385 ISO 9854 ISO 9895 ISO CD 15105-2 ISO Guide 34 ISO R60 ISO/DIS 4622 ISO/DIS 4623 ISO/FDIS 12625-3 ISO/FDIS 12625-4 ISO/FDIS 12625-9:2001 IST 110.5 ISO 7619-1 ISO 7619-2 ISO 6504-3 ASTM D344 ASTM D2805 ASTM D2244 ASTM C1674 ISO 14125 ASTM E8 ASTM A370 ASTM D638 ISO 527 ISO 14778:2021