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United Testing

State-of-the-art test and inspection solutions

Our reliable instruments are designed for advanced materials testing applications. But they’re great for basic compression and tensile testing too. The popular hardness testers we manufacture are relied upon by customers across many industries. We also offer test fixturing, accessories, software, and calibration services.

United Testing

United Testing Systems

Understanding the essence of your metal, wood, and plastic samples is key. And United Testing Systems offer advanced universal test machines (UTM’s) and hardness testers to give you the answers you need. 

It’s a business model that works as well now as it did 50 years ago, back when our early table-top hydraulic testers were gaining popularity. These days, we have state-of-the-art facilities in Fullerton, CA and the United Testing Systems name is now recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art material testing systems. 

Our products are versatile and can be adapted to suit any work environment. We have happy customers across many industries and sectors, from construction and electronics through to pharmaceutical, packaging, and textiles.  

Whatever the testing needs – from basic compression and tensile testing through to hardness testing, we can help. Our expert technicians will match the needs of your business with the right technology to maximize the efficiency of your processes and improve the quality of the products you send out of the door.  

We have developed an extensive line of table-top and floor model electro-mechanical machines and horizontal single and multi-station elastomer testing systems. We make fully automatic testing systems for both plastics and metal samples, fatigue-to-failure testers, hydraulic table top and floor model testing machines of up to 2,000 kN capacity. We also offer several hardness testing systems, and we have also developed equipment for diverse applications ranging from coefficient of friction fixtures and cup testers for sheet metal to textile burst testers. 

When you invest in an innovative product from the United Testing Systems portfolio you bring your quality testing processes in-house. This gives you enhanced control of your operations and lead times and allows you to push the capability of your R&D and product development. And of course, the equipment we sell will help you to meet relevant industry standards such as ASTM, ISO, JIS, DIN and BSI.

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