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Permeation Testing

Permeation testing expertise

Permeation testing

Need to understand the barrier capability of your packages, films, or bottles? Look no further than our range of permeation testing machines and services.

Turn to Industrial Physics for a clear picture of the way in which oxygen and water vapor permeates through your packaging and products and you’ll find it’s easy to improve your R&D process and your in-house testing.

Oxygen or water permeation testing

Permeation testing has a huge range of applications in products and packaging. You might need packages that are breathable, or you might be looking for a completely sterile package that keeps everything out. Perhaps you need a food or beverage carton that allows no water in or out at all. Permeation testing can help.

Water permeation testing: There are two main commercial options for testing water permeation, NDIR spectroscopic absorption designs and coulometric instruments. Both are reliable and accurate, although the sensitive nature of coulometric systems tend to exceed the NDIR designs. Find out more about both and the ways they can work in our water permeation testing guide.

Oxygen permeation testing: Most oxygen permeation testing techniques measure the oxygen transmission rate of a film before it’s been incorporated into a package, but this technique doesn’t account for real world scenarios. It is better to test a film in a completed package and at a range of temperatures, to simulate the kind of problems that may be encountered once a piece of packaging is out in the world. Get some more information in our guide to oxygen permeation.

Everything you need to know about permeation testing

To get you up to speed, we’re here to help you and answer the most frequently asked questions in permeation testing. Find out everything you need to know about calibration standards and the various instruments available in our permeation testing FAQs article.

For a more detailed look at the various analyzers and testing solutions offering shorter testing times and accurate results here at Industrial Physics, check out our permeation guidebook.

Permeation testing solutions from Industrial Physics

Through our instruments and laboratory services, we help to analyze our clients’ food and pharmaceutical packaging and converters. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years and offer product development, third party analysis, and academic research services – helping you find the permeation testing solution that matches your goals.

Our testing solutions are reliable, accurate and widely applicable. Some top options include the Oxysense 5250i, a non-invasive oxygen monitoring and permeation system, perfect for labs and individuals looking to evaluate oxygen through a variety of studies from package head space to product shelf life and permeation.

There’s also the PROFILE/Plus® Roughness Sheffield with Porosity, which comes in a range of sizes and offers fully-automated measurement of top and/or bottom side Sheffield Roughness and/or Porosity testing to industry standards.

Permeation testing machines, solutions and accessories

Search through the top gas permeation analysis and moisture permeation testing machines on offer below, or browse the full permeation testing range.



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