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Abrasion Testing

Abrasion Testing and Inspection

Abrasion testing

Your products may look great once they’re sealed up and ready to go, but do you know how long that factory-fresh look will last? Wear and tear can take a toll and in order to keep packaging looking its best for longer, you need to understand how it fares when it rubs, grinds, or scrapes against other materials. Identifying weak areas in your packages with our abrasion resistance testing will allow you to improve the visual appeal and achieve a longer shelf life.

Our abrasion testing machines

Our abrasion testing inspection machines will accurately measure the resistance of your materials – offering a clear picture of their aggregate toughness and abrasion resistance. Our instruments showcase how materials stand the test-of-time when crushed or left to degrade and disintegrate, so you know exactly how they will behave once they leave the factory.

What materials is abrasion testing suitable for?

Abrasion testing can be carried out on a huge number of materials, from plastics and polymers to metals or even paper and textiles. Scrapes and scuffs can have a massive impact on the visual appeal of a product and printed instructions that wipe away make consumers wary.

We have a wide range of test and inspect machines capable of testing for the likelihood of scuffs and scrapes, as well as processes designed to test the ink or paint, so you can be confident in the packaging you send out.

To find out more about abrasion testing solutions for your flexible packaging access our guidebook.

Abrasion testing standards:

ANSI INCITS 322-2002: Card Durability Test Methods

This test aims to assess the abrasion resistance of a 1D barcode, to create controlled abrasion on a card surface, to evaluate image abrasion resistance, and to gauge the magnetic stripe’s resistance to abrasion.

ASTM D3451: Standard Practices for Testing Polymeric Powders and Powder Coatings

These practices cover the selection and use of procedures for testing polymeric powders and powder coatings.

ASTM D6037: Standard Test Methods for Dry Abrasion Mar Resistance of High Gloss Coatings

Two test methods are included. Test Method A uses a device that contains an abrasive wheel. Test Method B uses a device that contains a wheel that has been fitted with abrasive paper. Either method can be used to evaluate the dry abrasion mar resistance of coatings applied to planar, rigid surfaces

ISO 7784-1:1997: Paints and Varnishes; Determination of Resistance to Abrasion

This section of ISO 7784 outlines a procedure to measure the abrasion resistance of a dried paint, varnish, or similar product film. It involves employing abrasive paper attached to wheels and conducting abrasion via rotary movements. Additionally, it specifies a method using abrasive rubber wheels to achieve the same purpose of determining abrasion resistance in dried paint, varnish, or related products through rotary movement.

Types of abrasion test methods

Wash and abrasion testers are designed to see how painted, coated or varnished surfaces deal with the kind of wear likely to be caused by washing or everyday use. Falling sand abrasion testers can measure the abrasion resistance of paint, lacquers and other organic coatings.

We also stock Comprehensive Abrasion Test machines, which mimic the motion of a truck or train during shipping. This is useful in helping you determine scuff resistance of cans, printed cartons and book covers during transit.

Smoother test and inspection solutions

There are lots of different types of abrasion testing and you may want to mix and match to make sure you have the clearest possible idea of how your packaging will perform when it’s out in the wild. For help choosing the right solution for your set up, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to expand your current processes, get in touch.


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