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Hardness Testing

Toughen up your quality control, with Industrial Physics

Evaluate the hardness of your coatings. Inspect the strength of your concrete. If you have hardness and impact testing requirements, we have the products to help.

Industrial Physics mechanized scratch testers clamp your sample, moving it methodically, while a stylus scratches the surface, and a voltmeter reads the contact between the stylus and your substrate. From this we can help you to determine different degrees of failure, from trace to destruction.

Our popular impact testing devices determine the impact resistivity and flexibility of your coatings according to DIN/ISO and ASTM quality standards. And if you need to check your products on the move, our portable barcol hardness impressor helps you to test the hardness of aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, and other materials including plastics and fiberglass.

For another option, check out our non-destructive and ASTM compliant Rockwell Hardness Testing products and services.


Why choose Industrial Physics? Let us break it down.
There are many compelling reasons to choose Industrial Physics. Here are some of the best.



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