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Industrial Physics. Your trusted test and inspection partner.

Protecting the integrity of the world’s most loved brands

Industrial Physics is the world’s leading test and inspection partner. And we’re here to protect the integrity of some of the biggest brands across the globe. But how do we do this? By providing first-class test and inspection solutions you can trust.

Operating across a family of brands, including TQC Sheen, Technidyne, and C&W Equipment, we’ve been supporting manufacturers, laboratories, and production lines across multitude of industries for almost 100 years. It’s our innate desire to continuously learn, innovate, and better ourselves that allows us to provide the highest quality of products, services, and bespoke solutions.


Our experts are positioned across the globe. Through our collective expertise, we’re able to support the unique needs of our customers.


Protecting the integrity of the world’s most loved brands

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Why choose Industrial Physics? Let us break it down.
There are many compelling reasons to choose Industrial Physics. Here are some of the best.



Employees across the globe. Experts in 7 countries



Testing applications for quality assurance



Industries to guarantee diverse solutions



Unique products on offer

Meet the leaders of Industrial Physics

As we work to protect the integrity of businesses across the globe, these are the individuals leading our mission.

Jim Neville

President and Chief Executive Officer

Greg Wright

Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Michael Thuon

Chief Financial Officer

Karen Mann

Global Marketing Director

Leigh Butler

Managing Director, UK

Allan Xie

Director of Sales, Asia-Pacific

Debbie McInnis

Americas President

Remco Wever

EMEA President

Lincoln Hanscom

Vice President of Global Services

Our Brands

Union Park Capital

Industrial Physics is a portfolio company of Union Park Capital, a private-equity firm that specializes in industrial technology investments.

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