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Masters in metal testing

Inspecting metal packaging – it’s what we do. From food and beverage cans to aerosol cans, we’re here to improve your metal testing process. Whether you’re dealing with two piece or three-piece cans, and no matter if you’re searching for metal ends testing or seam inspection solutions, we have a varied range of metal packaging testing instruments available for can makers and can fillers across the globe.

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As part of Industrial Physics, specialist testing brand CMC-KUHNKE belongs to a global test and inspection group. And our organization provides packaging, product, and material test and inspection solutions to manufacturers, production lines, and laboratories all over the world.

Through our specialist testing brand CMC-KUHNKE, we’ve been providing leading test solutions across all aspects of the metal packaging space for more than half a century.
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Looking for a can inspection tool? Searching for seam inspection solutions? We’ve got the equipment for you. Our instruments are designed for a variety of purposes – and we’re passionate about providing solutions that will allow for accurate and repeatable results across your testing while allowing you to maximize resources, lower costs, and increase efforts toward sustainability.

Equipment created for you.

Across Industrial Physics, we have a large portfolio of metal packaging products available. And many CMC-KUHNKE instruments are on the cutting edge of innovation – pushing the boundaries of metal packaging testing.

Instruments like our CMC-KUHNKE SEAMScan XTS III – a non-destructive double seam inspection unit that when compared to a traditional destructive test method has the power to save customers around $100,000 per year!

And our CMC-KUHNKE Auto XTS solution has truly unique properties – it offers a fully automated, stand-alone, or online instrument that provides non-destructive seam analysis for beverage fillers. Brought to life by some of the finest seam inspection experts on the planet, the Auto-XTS combines the internal X-ray seam measurements of the CMC-KUHNKE SEAMscan XTS with a second station to carry out external measurements.

You can take a look through more of the products we have on offer here.

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