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Aerosol Testing

Working with Industrial Physics is a propellant for success

At Industrial Physics, we’re experts in metal packaging – with knowledge that allows you to minimize can defects, solutions for double seam inspection, and a whole range of specialized testing solutions. And one of the areas we have a great deal of knowledge around is aerosol testing. 

Created by some of the greatest minds in the metal packaging world, we’ve invented a host of great testing and inspection machines specifically for a range of aerosol cans. Our suite of solutions have been designed for testing on monobloc, two piece, and three piece aerosol cans. 

Take our Multidimensional Automatic Gauge for Aerosol Cans (MDA) – a truly unique piece of equipment, it will measure all the critical dimensions on any size aerosol you need to check. And it does this both automatically and simultaneously – allowing you to get results within ten seconds! 

Many aerosol can manufacturers rely on a wide range of handheld calipers, micrometers, and devices to gauge the key stats of their metal packaging. This is time consuming and costly. Our ‘all-in-one’ systems are accurate and user friendly. They measure all dimensions in less time than it would take you to open a can! 

Imagine a tool that takes the guesswork out of seamer setup, improves seam integrity and consistency, increases uptime, and makes changeovers much faster than previously possible: our Clearance Gauge offers all of the above. Use it to set up the seamer and fix problems in a way that’s both quick and accurate. 

Check out our popular aerosol testing machines systems below or view our product booklet


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