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Paint Testing

Paint Testing Expertise

There’s nothing like chipped, corroded, or smudged paint to take the shine off a product or packaging – that’s why paint testing is such an essential part of the test and inspect process. And just one of the reasons for our great range of paint testing solutions.

Across our testing brands such as TQC Sheen and C&W Equipment, we have many years of experience, but we like to bring something fresh to the table – and we’re constantly experimenting and innovating to bring new, high quality paint testing equipment to the market.

Paint testing machines and equipment

Take a look at the wide variety of paint testing solutions we offer and you’re sure to find just the tool for the job. We have everything from washability testers, appearance meters, and coating thickness gauges to automatic film applicators and bresle patches. And our products all meet the highest quality standards, so you know you’ll be able to rely on them for test after test.

Our fibro systems provide innovative ways to measure the dynamic surface properties of your materials and substrates before you even apply your paint. And our range of viscosity measurement solutions are relied upon by laboratories and production facilities all over the world. Find out how well your paint will apply or how quickly it will dry with our viscosity testing solutions.

Test that ensure your paints will last

Be confident that when your paints, inks and coatings go on, they’re going to stay on, with test and inspect solutions from Industrial Physics. Our specialist corrosion and environmental test cabinets create the environmental test conditions demanded by modern industry, so you can see how your paints and coatings will stand the test of time before they even leave the lab.

Curious about what is currently shaking things up in the world of paint and coatings? Be sure to have a look at our exclusive guidebook, ‘The Evolution of Inks and Coatings’.

How we can help with all of your pant testing queries

As the parent company of TQC Sheen and C&W Specialist Equipment, we have a huge amount of expertise to call on – as well as decades of experience. We work closely with our customers too – so if you have a tricky question or you’re wondering how you can make sure your paint is going to do exactly what you need it to, we’ll be happy to help you find the solution. Want to hear more about how we can help? Just get in touch.



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