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First class electromechanical testing systems 

Steinfurth provides innovative test and inspection solutions to manufacturers across the food and beverage industries.

If you’re looking for Co2 measurement instruments, torque testers, pressure and bottle closures, logger systems, carbonation systems, laboratory shakers, beer analysis instruments, or packaging test equipment, we can help!

As part of the Industrial Physics group, we’re here to protect the integrity of our customer’s brands and products through first-class packaging, production, and material test and inspection solutions.

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The Steinfurth product line provides the highest quality of electromechanical measurement testing instruments – allowing you to protect the integrity of your packaging, products, and materials. Steinfurth solutions can be used to test across a vast range of applications that monitor and evaluate the quality of your beverage packaging.

Electromechanical measurement systems you can trust

Across the Steinfurth product line, you’ll discover electromechanical measuring systems for the beverage, packaging, food, pharmaceutical, mining, and many other industries.

And Steinfurth electromechanical measuring systems can be used to determine various measured variables. This includes the impact stability of bottle closures, Brix, CO2, CO2 & N2, density, tightness, torque overweight, pressure, pressure force, pressure curve, flow rate, filling level, weight, foam stability, foam decay, temperature, turbidity, packaging dimension, volume over weight, tensile strength and, on customer request, other measured variables. The list just goes on!

The electromechanical measuring systems are designed for numerous applications such as measurement, torque determination, drop test, side impact test, homogenization, calibration, carbonization, paint/coating abrasion testing, recording, monitoring, sampling, sample preparation, quality monitoring, and various safety checks.

You can learn more about the wealth of beverage testing solutions we have available – and discover the biggest trends impacting the industry, here!

Access ‘A Thirst for Perfection’ here!

World-leading technology

The breadth of Steinfurth equipment available is extensive. And many of our solutions offer truly unique properties that you won’t find anywhere else.

Just take the NICO non-invasive CO2 analyzer – a non-destructive tool that allows you to identify dissolved CO2 gas levels in beverage fillers using a hand-held device. It utilizes unique laser-based measuring technology that allows for a world-first solution.

And you can find out more about the breadth of instruments available by checking out our products below

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