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International Standards

ASTM D1084

Introducing ASTM D1084 - Industrial Physics
ASTM D1084 is a global ASTM international standard method for testing the viscosity of free flowing adhesives.

This method enables you to determine a fluid's thickness and flow resistance using a viscosity cup. You achieve this by running a sample of the fluid into a container with a hole and you record the time it takes for it to empty. So, the quicker it drains, the less viscous the fluid.

You can test a range of liquids with this ASTM standard, including adhesives, paints, oils, varnishes, lacquers and inks. There’s even a viscosity testing method for testing sealants that need slight heating before being released from a cartridge or glue gun.

This test for self-leveling adhesives isn't suitable for thixotropic and plastic materials.
The ASTM D1084 testing process
Using a viscosity cup you can estimate the quantity of liquid adhesive applied in a spreading or coating operation.

Observing the process of flow through an orifice is a simple way to measure and classify the viscosity of a product. The measured kinematic viscosity is typically expressed in seconds of flow time. Using a viscosity disc calculator you can then convert this into centistokes.
ASTM D1084 testing equipment
So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM D1084 testing?

The sheen viscosity cup immersion zahn is an ASTM D1084 compliant range of stainless steel (SS303) viscosity cups. Our durable cups are precision engineered and offer good repeatability for viscosity testing.

Each durable viscosity cup has a fixed stainless steel inner cavity nozzle and handle and comes with a protective storage case.

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The TQC Sheen grindometer is a precision fineness of grind gauge. It will determine the particle size and fineness of many materials like paints, lacquers, pigments or filler.

Most of our grindometers have double grooves, with graded slopes, graduated in three different parameters: µm (microns), NS (Hegman) and PCU (North). Both the gauge and the beveled scraper are made of hardened stainless steel and have an accuracy of 2 µm.

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Test Charts

A wide range of charts for testing the physical properties of coating, lacquers and inks.

They will help you to determine hiding power, opacity or spreading rate and come in a variety of dimensions from DIN A6 up to and including DIN A4. All charts are film laminated for an excellent solvent and chemical resistance and an even film spread.

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Your global test and inspection partner for ASTM D1084