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Exceptional testing equipment for the plastics industry

The Ray-Ran story is one of innovation and a passion for testing plastics and raw materials. Across our product portfolio, we support manufacturers testing plastics and polymers across a multitude of industries.

From raw material testing systems to first-class sample preparation tools, we have a wealth of equipment available. From melt flow testing, to impact testing, we’re here to help.

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Four decades of quality control expertise

With leading plastics and polymer testing solutions on offer, the Ray-Ran name is recognized as a world leader in the production of raw materials evaluation, sample and component testing, and test sample preparation solutions.

The plastics and polymer space are always changing. So, a commitment to innovation, and a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible, have been key to providing leading material testing solutions.

That’s why we are now equally competent in providing a range of solutions – from delivering testing equipment for hospital-bound prosthetic joints to creating new technology to empower the dynamic recycling industry, we’re here to support our customers across a diverse scope of requirements spanning a range of industries.

Quality processes lead to quality products

We have a variety of instruments that are designed to test a whole host of raw materials – in pellet, flake, or fiber form for bulk density and pourability – our product range diversifies to offer density, MFI, or MVR testing. And our sample preparation equipment is some of the best in the business.

Need the latest impact testing equipment? Want to determine the softening point and heat deflection properties of your products? Ray-Ran has the equipment you need at competitive prices.

Perfect your material testing with Ray-Ran

Across our portfolio of Ray-Ran products, we provide solutions for a range of testing applications to ensure the integrity of your plastics, polymers, and raw materials.

Just take our Auto-Density Gradient Apparatus – a system that has become a world leader in density testing for small specimens of film or elastomers. Or our MFR300 Microprocessor Melt Flow System – allowing you to verify and validate plastic and polymer sample materials quickly and effectively. And our FD-A2 Advanced Floor Mounted Falling Dart Tester is an easy-to-use, stand-alone instrument that measures the impact resistance of plastics film, sheet, and laminated materials in accordance with multiple international test standards.

With so many applications available, you can browse through a wide selection of the products we have on offer below…

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