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Exceptional quality control equipment for the plastics industry

The Ray-Ran story is one of innovation and a passion for testing plastics. Over the last four decades we have flexed to meet the changing demands of industry. We have expanded into new markets and have earned the respect of customers across many different sectors. And as part of Industrial Physics – a global packaging, product, and material test and inspection partner, we have expanded into new markets and have earned the respect of customers across many different sectors. 

We now have an unrivalled product portfolio and a large in-house manufacturing capability. Which means that we can offer you the best testing instruments to solve any quality control issues you have – strengthening the capability of your own in-house testing and R&D processes.

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Four decades of quality control expertise

Ray-Ran’s quality control experts have been manufacturing innovative precision products for the plastics and polymer industries for over 40 years. Our company is now recognized as a world-leader in the production of raw materials evaluation, sample and component testing, and test sample preparation solutions. 

The plastics and polymer space is always changing. So, a commitment to innovation, and a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible, has been key to the Ray-Ran success story. That’s why we are now equally competent in delivering a range of solutions – from delivering testing equipment for hospital-bound prosthetic joints to creating new technology to empower the dynamic recycling industry, we’re here to support our customers.

Plastics industry-leading product portfolio

We produce lots of great products in-house. In fact, we have more than 40 multi-purpose options in our ever-growing portfolio. With so many tried-and-tested, reliable instruments primed and ready for manufacture from our global factories, we’re able to maintain complete control over lead times. This allows us to support them on the most challenging project deadlines. And if you need something bespoke, our engineers thrive on the opportunity to create a unique solution.  

We work with many different types of companies across multiple industries – that’s why our team is packed with exceptional technical experts. We feel that the best mechanical, electrical, and software engineers are always listening and forever learning.

Our people take the time to understand the diverse needs of a project. They then use their specialist knowledge to drive assignments forward from initial concept through to design and final manufacture.

Quality processes lead to quality products

Our ISO 9001:2015 accredited process begins with a thorough review of the requirement and a comparison of the best materials and components needed for the project. It’s  fairly safe to assume that high quality components deliver finely tuned precision products. And that’s why we only use the best. 

Starting with instruments to test the raw materials – in pellet, flake, or fibre form for bulk density and pourability – our product range diversifies to offer density, MFI, or MVR testing. Our sample preparation equipment is some of the best in the business. We supply devices that prepare samples from raw material or sheet form, molding small dumbbell samples from pellets and flakes. Our cutting presses strip samples from sheet material, while our milling machines make light work of thicker sheets and pipes up to 100mm. 

Got your perfect samples? Great. Now our expert engineers are ready to help – they’ll work with you to find the best machines to put your samples – and finished product – to the test! 

Need the latest impact testing equipment? Want to determine the softening point and heat deflection properties of your products? Ray-Ran has the equipment you need at competitive prices.

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