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Impact Testing

Impact Testing Solutions in Izod or Charpy Pendulum & Gardner Dart Methods

The Industrial Physics range of impact testing solutions includes analog and digital impact devices, tear testers and automatic notch cutters.

Our impact test machines are good for inspections of plastics, ceramics, non ferrous metals, and some composites according to many ASTM and ISO Standards.

So, what’s impacting upon your product performance? We’ll help you to strike at the heart of the matter and get the best from any impact test.

Many types of impact testing

We can support all types of impact testing, from pendulum impact, falling dart and falling weight impact testing through to low temperature brittleness testing.

Our machines support several different methods and approaches to impact testing. A short description of some of these follows:

Charpy and izod strength impact testing

When you need to test a material’s toughness and strength, both izod and charpy impact testing will reveal the information you need.

Charpy and izod are both impact testing methods to demonstrate how much energy a material is able to absorb. They both involve a hammer striking on a material from a particular height. By measuring the material’s energy absorption, you can determine its strength, toughness and sensitivity to impact.

So what’s the difference between these two types of impact strength tests? When you’re izod testing you place the test material in a vertical position; in the charpy method your test material is placed horizontally. Another variation? The notch in the izod test faces the striker, in the charpy test, it’s positioned away.

Charpy impact tests are carried out according to ISO 179-1 and ASTM D6110 and instrumented charpy tests to ISO 179-2. Izod impact tests are performed to ISO 180, ASTM D256, ASTM D4508 and ASTM D4812.

Round the clock impact testing

Round the clock impact testing is a method to determine the resistance of thermoplastic pipes of circular cross-section (round-the-clock method) to external blows.

Lengths of pipe from a batch, or production run, are repeatedly struck by a known mass. This falls from a specified height as per test international standards ISO 3127 and EN744.

Staircase impact testing

Going up in the impact testing world? Following the EN1411 staircase method of impact testing delivers results.

A series of impact tests is carried out – a known mass and shape, dropped from various heights onto lengths of pipe. With each subsequent drop, the mass of the falling dart is increased or decreased until 50% of the total test samples fail under the impact. You can use this information to work out the impact failure weight or the mean failure height.

Impact testing from Industrial Physics

Need a clear vision of how well your samples will fare during manufacture, storage and transportation? An IP tear or impact test simulates the real world challenges that your products will face.

Take a look at some of the impact testing, impact strength test and falling weight impact testing that we can support.

Advanced pendulum impact testing system

The Ray-Ran advanced pendulum impact testing system is a pendulum impact tester. It uses microprocessor technology to determine the energy required to break or rupture plastic or ceramic specimens, composites and nonferrous metals.

It’s just the job for izod, charpy or tension impact testing. It is great for pipe testing and puncture impact testing. Plus you can use it for small diameter pipe testing and component impact and puncture tests.

The TMI Elmendorf tear tester

A digital tear tester with an optical encoder. It finds out how much force is needed to tear sheet materials including paper, plastic films and textiles. It can be customized with a simple attachment to test puncture resistance too.

To find out more, click here.

Impact test sample notching cutter

Our auto cycle notching cutter produces precise stress concentrated profiles in Izod and Charpy specimen bars.

The profiles conform to the ISO 179, ISO 180 & ASTM D256 international standards and the vice will accommodate up to 16 test specimens (4mm thick). It’s a fast and efficient device, accurately cutting within just 20 seconds.

To find out more about our sample notch cutting devices, click here.


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