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Appita 1301.426

Introducing Appita 1301.426 - Industrial Physics

Appita 1301.426 is an Appita testing method to measure the thickness, density and specific volume of paper and paperboard.  

Appita is the leading not-for-profit industry association that supports the advancement of the pulp, paper packaging and bioproducts industries. 

The thickness, density and volume of the paper, paperboard and corrugated used in your packaging is vitally important. The thickness of paper and paperboard not only affects its strength and durability, its appearance and tactile feedback also gives the customer a direct impression of quality. 

Armed with a digital micrometer from Industrial Physics and the method described through Appita 1301.426 you will command confidence over your thickness testing, density testing and specific volume paper testing. 

Appita 1301.426 thickness testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your Appita 1301.426 thickness testing? 

Messmer Büchel – Digital Micrometer 49-56 

With the Digital Micrometer 49-56 from Messmer Büchel you’ll achieve accurate thickness measurements of a wide range of sheet-like substrates even at low pressures. And the instrument complies to the most demanding of international standards. A popular choice from our range of easy-to-use digital micrometers, it offers impressive accuracy within 0.001mm (0.00004in.) or 1% of paper thickness, whichever is better. 

Testing Machines Inc. Digital Micrometer 49-86 

The Digital Micrometer 49-86 quickly and precisely measures the thickness and caliper of most sheet materials - from paper, fabric and films to plastic, metal and leather. Brought to you by Testing Machines Inc, our physical property materials testing brand, this reliable digital micrometer is designed for the thinnest of samples. It has a highly accurate measurement range of: 0-0.050in. (0-1.27mm), making it the perfect digital micrometer for paper. 

Need Appita 1301.426 thickness testing solutions? Get in touch

The Industrial Physics portfolio crushes the competition and we will help you to find the right thickness tester for your needs! We’ve been designing and building thickness testing devices for many years and we’ve learnt a thing or two about paper testing best practice along the way.  

We like to share this expertise across the knowledgebase section of our website where you’ll find blogs like this one - testing the physical and optical properties of paper? Also, be sure to check out this blog on digital micrometers – all you need to know! 

If you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch!  

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