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58-06 Parker Print-Surf (Single Head)

Parker Print Surf Test Unit.




Parker Print Surf measures the roughness of a wide variety of samples according to the Dr. John Parker method. With its high speed and pressure setting the Parker Print Surf simulates the way ink is applied during the printing process. The clamp pressure is adjustable making it possible to simulate different printing settings. The instrument is used for fine paper, coated paper, newsprint, coated board, linerboard, films and foils, packaging and carton board. A porosity head is available as an option to test the air permeancy.

Model:  58-06 Series | Available with one or two heads

Roughness (range-normal):  0.20 – 6.5μm

Roughness (range-high):  6.0 – 15.0μm

Clamp pressure:  100 – 5,000 kPa

Head:  Roughness and/or porosity

Language:  Multiple available

Electrical:  110 V/60 Hz or 220V/50 Hz

Air:  550-700 kPa (instrument quality)

Dimensions:  558 x 380 x 430 mm (LxWxH) | 22 x 15 x 17 inch

Weight:  ± 39 kg/ 20lbs

Output: RS 232 and printer connection

Features & Benefits

Automatic sample detection

Dummy head to check calibration

Clamping pressure 100 – 5,000 kPa

Standard supplied with Roughness

Porosity as an option