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International Standards

ISO 2759

Introducing ISO 2759 - Industrial Physics

ISO 2759 is an international ISO standard used to measure the burst strength of a board whilst its subject to increasing hydraulic pressure.

This ISO standard is applicable to all types of board. This includes corrugated and solid fibreboard with bursting strengths within the range 350 kPa to 5 500 kPa.

ISO 2759 testing additional uses

Using a burst testing device - such as a digital mullen burst tester - the ISO 2759 approach can also be used to measure papers or boards with bursting strengths as low as 250 kPa. This is only relevant if the planned use for the paper or board is to prepare a material of higher burst strength - such as corrugated board.

In such a situation, the ISO standard test measurements may not have the accuracy or precision stated for this method. So it’s necessary to include a note in the ISO test report stating that the given results were below the minimum value required by the ISO 2759.

ISO 2759 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 2759 testing?

Burst Tester 13-56

This digital mullen burst tester will measure the strength and resilience of sheet materials by burst testing for real life failures such as punctures and rupture.

It uses hydraulic pressurization of a membrane against a clamped, film, or sheet sample. This burst testing approach produces a multi-directional stress on the material to failure – which is the burst strength.

With state-of-the-art electronics and user interface, our new 13-56 burst tester is easier to use than ever before and makes light work of ISO 2759 testing.

Parker print-surf (single head) 58-06

This device measures the roughness of a wide variety of samples to ISO test standards according to the Dr. John Parker method.

It simulates the way ink is applied during the printing process. The clamp pressure is adjustable making it possible to simulate different printing settings.

The advanced instrument is used for fine paper, coated paper, newsprint, coated board, linerboard, films and foils, packaging and carton board. A porosity head is available as an option to test the air permeance.

Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 2759