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Automated PPS (Parker Print Surf) measurement in accordance with TAPPI T 555 and ISO 8791-4. Fully-automated measurement of top and/or bottom side PPS. Includes paper feed for automated profile testing.




Automated testing of PPS – roughness of paper and board.

The Technidyne PROFILE/Plus® PPS automatically measures the roughness of paper and board according to the Parker Print Surf method and meets or exceeds these industry standards: TAPPI T 555, ISO 8791-4, ISO 18522, BS 6563, Paptac D.31P.

Looking to build a full automated testing system?

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Features & Benefits

Fast and accurate measurement of paper roughness

Measures according to industry standards.

Roughness measurements on both sides of the paper (optional)

Advanced head design

Self diagnostics ensure accuracy

PROFILE/Plus® Automated Testing System Ready