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Bendtsen Porosity Tester 58-27

Roughness and Porosity test unit. The Bendtsen Tester is able to measure both the roughness and porosity of paper and board. The instrument is easy to use. The 7-inch touchscreen uses intuitive icons. From Messmer Messmer Büchel BV, a Testing Machines Inc Group of Companies brand.







Bendtsen Roughness and Sheffield Smoothness instruments measure the roughness of a paper surface. Surface roughness is directly related to a variety of paper end uses. Achieving and monitoring desirable print and coating quality are critical to producing a smooth sheet of paper.



Features & Benefits

Ease of Use

Large and easy-to-understand icon driven menu screens

Automatic sample detection

Separate Roughness measuring head for more flexibility

Both Roughness and Air Permeance in one combined unit. (optional)

Quick measurements

Fast pressure -and flow controller

Accuracy and producibility

High level of reproducibility

Pressure compensation for improved precision