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Products  > TQC Sheen Adhesion Tester PosiTest ATM and ATA

TQC Sheen Adhesion Tester PosiTest ATM and ATA

When you need to measure the adhesion of coatings applied to metal, wood, concrete and similar substrates, our PosiTest Pull-off Adhesion Tester is the ideal solution.  

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Brought to you by TQC Sheen, our paint testing specialist brand, our robust and reliable pull off adhesion testers comply with a number of international standards.  

The PosiTest range of pull off adhesion testers swiftly and accurately measure the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from a substrate using hydraulic pressure. 

Pumped up adhesion tester power  

We make manual and automatic adhesion testers and both models feature powerful hydraulic pumps. You get an electronically controlled pump on the automatic version and both options apply smooth and continuous pull off adhesion tester pressure. This reduces user effort and eliminates any risk of operator influence over the pulling process. 

A highly accurate adhesion tester 

Every PosiTest adhesion tester pressure system is calibrated and certified to ± 1% accuracy using a NIST traceable load cell. Plus the high-grade industrial pressure sensor ensures continued accuracy. 

Durable adhesion tester performance 

Our PosiTest pull off adhesion testers come in an environmentally sealed enclosure that’s weatherproof, dustproof and shockproof.  

Portable pull off adhesion testers 

Our adhesion testers don’t need an external power source. This makes them fully portable and perfect for use both at the lab or out in the field.   

Stable PosiTest inspection 

The PosiTest adhesion tester compensates for misalignment. The self-aligning, quick-coupling actuator and spherical articulating dolly head enable uniform distribution of the pulling force over the surface under test. This prevents a one-sided pull-off and you get reliable, accurate measurements on both smooth or uneven surfaces.  

A PosiTest memory machine  

The internal memories of our automatic adhesion testers are powerful enough to store data and user notes on up to 1000,000 pulls across 1,000 batches. The wealth of information it can hold includes: 

  • Maximum pull-off pressure 
  • Nature of fracture 
  • Rate of adhesion tester pull  
  • Test duration 
  • Dolly size 
  • Pass/fail

The internal memory of the manual version of our adhesion tester can store information for up to 200 pulls, including:  

  • Maximum pull-off pressure 
  • Rate of adhesion tester pull 
  • Test duration 
  • Dolly size

PosiTest pull rate power

You’re in control of your adhesion tester’s pull rate: the pull rate indicator allows you to monitor and adjust the rate of pull in accordance with international standards.  

A multi-sector adhesion tester  

Our PosiTest adhesion testers are relied upon by teams operating across multiple sectors – everything from food and beverage manufacturers through to marine, defense, power and construction and engineering companies. 

Perfect PosiTest inspection – as standard 

You can rely on our pull off adhesion testers to give you highly accurate results to the most stringent of international standards, including:  

A portfolio of pull off adhesion tester products

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of adhesion tester devices and products. For example, our customers have been equally impressed with the TQC Sheen Pull Off Adhesion Tester Model Pat GM01 GM04 and have found that their adhesion tests are more accurate using our TQC Sheen Cross Cut Adhesion Test KIT CC1000. 

Stick with our adhesion tester knowledge!  

We’ve learnt a thing or two about how to build exceptional adhesion testers over the years. And we like to share this knowledge when we can. Why not check out our complete guide to pull off adhesion testing here? If you have found yourself in a sticky testing conundrum, or simply have more questions – just get in touch!   

Optional adhesion tester accessories

You can choose a number of optional extras to support the inspections you do with your PosiTest pull off adhesion tester device. 

PosiTest 50mm accessory kit

  • Ideal for lower bond strength finishes such as coatings on wood, concrete or plastic 
  • Larger surface area of dolly provides improved low range precision and repeatability  
  • Range 0-500 psi (0-3.5MPa) 
  • Includes 50mm standoff, 50mm hole saw and 50mm aluminum test dollies

Drilling template for 20mm and 50mm PosiTest / dolly test 

Drilling template and drill bits to isolate the test area. Ideal for thicker coats on concrete. 

Positest for Windows analysis software 

Our powerful software analyzes your test results and allows you to view them clearly in graph, chart or histogram format. Plus you can export your adhesion tester data to a document or spreadsheet for convenience.  

PosiTest adhesive kit 

Get additional adhesive, mixing sticks, palettes and cotton swabs for your adhesion tester. 

Dolly Adhesion testers

Additional supplies of 10, 14, 20 and 50mm dollies for your Positest inspection device are available. 

Dolly test procedure / How to use a pull off adhesion tester

So, how do you use a PosiTest pull off adhesion tester? It’s a simple enough process, just follow these basic steps. You’ll soon be performing highly accurate PosiTest inspections of your inks and coatings: 

  1. Dolly and coating preparation: Clean and abrade your PosiTest dolly and coating in preparation   
  2. Adhesive and dolly application: Prepare and apply your adhesive to the dolly. The dolly is then adhered to the coated surface and the adhesive is allowed to cure.
  3. Test area separation: The test area of the coating is separated from the area surrounding the dolly by cutting or drilling.
  4. PosiTest pull-off test: Carry out your pull off adhesion test with either a manual or automatic adhesion tester.
  5. Store your pull off adhesion tester results

Positest Adhesion Tester – Manual 

Our manual PosiTest adhesion tester features: 

  • Heavy duty manual hydraulic pump designed to apply smooth and continuous pull off adhesion tester pressure with a single stroke 
  • Pull rate indicator to manually monitor and adjust the rate of pull  
  • Includes two AAA alkaline batteries  

Positest Adhesion Tester – Automatic

Our automatic PosiTest adhesion tester features:

  • The electronically controlled hydraulic pump automatically applies smooth and continuous pull off adhesion tester pressure at a user-specified rate 
  • Test with the simple push of a button. No twisting, pumping or cranking. No valves to close, needles to reset or scales to adjust
  • User selectable pull rates ensure compliance with international test methods for a variety of industries including metal, wood and concrete
  • Built in rechargeable batteries perform over 200 tests per charge. Continue testing with AC power while batteries recharge. Supplied with a universal AC adapter



Applications: Adhesion Testing

Materials: Inks and Coatings

Dimensions case: 430x330x150 mm / 17x13x6 inch

Mass: 2 lbs / 5.5 kg (kit with case)

Accuracy: +/- 1% of full scale

Resolution: 1 psi (0.01 MPa)

Power supply: 2x AAA (AT Manual)

LD9330: 20 mm dollies (20), 20 mm cutting tool and 20 mm standoff

LD9331: 50 mm dollies (8), 50 mm cutting tool and 50 mm stand off

LD9332: 20 mm dollies (20), 20 mm cutting tool and 20 mm standoff

LD9333: 50 mm dollies (8), 50 mm cutting tool and 50 mm stand off

Adhesion Tester: Automatic and Manual

Warranty: Two-year

Calibration Available

Declaration of Conformity

Calibration Certificate

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Success Stories

The problem

Some paint manufacturers have to undertake so many different types of tests that it’s hard to stay on top of the demands of their industry and the changing technologies that can best support them.

The solution

This was the case for our valued customer. They needed the equipment, skills, experience, and collaboration of a genuine partner. One offering personalized support and guidance identifying the correct inspection solution for each situation. We are always delighted to help.

The outcome

Daniel Marschall, President of Marschall Labs, said:


“The professionals at Industrial Physics took the time to understand the specific testing equipment needs of our lab. I can’t say enough about the excellent customer service and support they provide.”

Spares and Accessories

Close View of TQC Art. nr. LD9305

For high strength measurements on wood, concrete and plastics.

Close View of TQC Art. nr. LD9310

Dollies 20mm for PosiTest AT, 50 pieces

Product Image Coming Soon

20mm hole saw for PosiTest AT

Close View of TQC DeFelsko 20 mm dollies

DeFelsko 14 mm dollies, 10 pieces

Close View of TQC DeFelsko 20 mm dollies

DeFelsko 10 mm dollies, 10 pieces

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