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Marschall Labs

Marschall Labs

Inks and Coatings

Abrasion Testing, Coating Testing, Scratch Testing, Washability Testing

TQC Sheen

When an independent paint testing lab needed to partner with an inspection company, large and diverse enough to support all of its QA and R&D testing - yet customer-focused enough to offer a personal connection – Industrial Physics was there.

Over the decades, across the Industrial Physics’ brands, we’ve carefully nurtured long-lasting relationships with countless customers. And our specialist coatings brand TQC Sheen has established a strong reputation within the world of inks and coatings. And recently, the president of Marschall Labs told us that he “can’t say enough about the excellent service and customer support provided”.

The Marschall Labs team works across many different project types so their requirements are varied and changeable. As a result, they must undertake a raft of different paint inspection activities: from scratch testing to abrasion testing, gloss meter checking, film thickness measurement, washability of paint films or hardness testing.

Because of the diverse nature of these requirements, they need to rely on the equipment, skills, experience and collaboration of a genuine partner. One that could offer personalized support and guide them to identify the correct inspection solution for each situation. Fortunately for us, and them, that sums up the Industrial Physics approach to a tee!

A collaborative, business-protecting approach

At Industrial Physics it’s our job to provide the highest quality of test and inspection solutions to manufacturers, production lines and laboratories across a range of industries. But, for us - this has always been about more than the latest, industry-leading technologies. It’s about true partnership, really being there for our customers when they need us and demonstrating how valued they are.

Why is paint testing important?

There’s nothing like chipped, corroded, or smudged paint to take the shine off a product or package – that’s why paint testing is such an essential part of the test and inspect process. And just one of the reasons for our great range of paint testing solutions.

Across our specialist testing brands, such as TQC Sheen and C&W Specialist Equipment, we have many years of experience, but we like to bring something fresh to the table. As such, we’re constantly experimenting and innovating to bring new, high quality paint testing equipment to market.

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Nico Frankhuizen, project management lead of Industrial Physics inks and coatings, met Daniel Marschall, President of Marschall Labs, at an American coating show.

As a family run business, Dan told Nico that customer service was especially important. He was looking for an inspection partner that could offer a rapid service backed with strong results and quality product portfolio.

Swift response to urgent needs

For many of our customers, time is of the essence. And if there’s a service query or critical equipment issue that needs attending to, an urgent response is of the utmost importance.

With so many test and inspection solutions on the market, there’s a lot of choice for companies. And with so many test applications, it was vital that Dan could find an honest organization that would work hard to understand the unique requirements of each product, right down to the precise specifications. After giving us a chance, he discovered that this is exactly how we operate and we quickly became an extension of his own team.

Daniel Marschall, President of Marschall Labs, said:

“The professionals at TQC Sheen / Industrial Physics took the time to understand the specific testing equipment needs of our lab. Marschall Labs has purchased several pieces of equipment and are extremely happy with the performance and value we have received.”

“I can’t say enough about the excellent customer service and support they provide. We would recommend the professionals at Industrial Physics for your laboratory testing equipment needs.”

At Industrial Physics, we’re here to protect the integrity of packaging, products, and materials for manufacturers, production lines and laboratories - all over the world. For us, that goes beyond simply supplying test and inspection instruments. It’s about being there for our customers. And acting as a true partner – answering questions, sharing our knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, reacting quickly if something goes wrong.

‍Asked for his reflections on our relationship with Marschall Labs, Nico Frankhuizen said:

“It’s incredibly important to build a real relationship and properly get to know the ins and outs of our customer’s offering. This allows us to contextualize the situation and offer a more personalized solution that will better serve their needs.”

“We understand that - if they’re using our equipment and something goes wrong, it’s really important we can respond to these needs as a priority. When equipment isn’t working, or our customers need an extra part, this can lead to unscheduled downtime – which is obviously far from ideal! We always strive to ensure we respond as quickly as possible – when we have a trusted relationship with our customers, this makes it much easier.”

Nico added that many customers find it tricky to determine the right approach on their own. So they need to know that they can contact us for an immediate response. When they call on us, we use our knowledge to provide quick answers and quick solutions. Creating such an open line of communication with customers from the outset is essential.

“Marschall labs have purchased a variety of instruments from us over the years, so if Dan has an issue, he knows he can get in touch with his distributor straight away – sometimes we can even get a solution organized on the same day.”

Paint testing insight

We like to share our expertise at Industrial Physics and we have written countless articles, blogs and whitepapers across all the industries we serve.

Curious about what is currently shaking things up in the world of paint and coatings? Be sure to have a look at our exclusive guidebook, ‘The Evolution of Inks and Coatings’.

‍Our paint testing solutions

If you’d like to find out more about how we can provide you with first-rate test and inspection solutions in packaging, product, or material integrity, or you’d like to know more about our services within installation, maintenance, or calibration, please get in touch by clicking below.

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