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International Standards

ASTM D4541

Introducing ASTM D4541 - Industrial Physics
ASTM D4541 is an ASTM international standard method to follow when using a portable adhesion tester to measure the pull-off strength of coatings.

A portable pull-off strength adhesion tester can apply a concentric load and counter load to a single surface. This means that coatings can be tested for pull-off strength, even when only one side is accessible!

This ASTM standard method lays out how to evaluate the pull-off strength (commonly referred to as adhesion) of a coating system from a metal substrate. It’s also possible to use ASTM D4541 for adhesion testing of other rigid substrates including plastic and wood.

The ASTM D4541 testing process
This ASTM standard offers two test protocols:

ASTM D4541 protocol one (test to fracture): determines the greatest perpendicular force (in tension) that a surface area can bear before a plug of material is detached.
ASTM D4541 protocol two (pass/fail) determines whether a coated surface remains intact at a defined load criteria.

Fractures occur along the weakest plane within the system, which comprises the test fixture, glue, the coating system, and substrate. Alternative methods like scratch, or knife adhesion testing maximize the shear stress applied, but the ASTM D4541 is a destructive test that maximizes tensile strength.

There are five instrument types, identified as test methods B-F. It’s important to identify the test method used when reporting any results as they may not be comparable.

The ASTM D4541 procedure was developed for use on flat surfaces. Depending on the surface radius, the results could have greater variability with lower values and averages.
ASTM D4541 testing equipment
So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM D4541 testing?
Dolly drill for adhesion test
The TQC Sheen dolly drill is the perfect tool to cut through the coating around a dolly and remove excess glue in preparation for adhesion testing.

Three strong magnets hold the dolly firmly and the drill removes the coating without putting any force on it. The dolly drill increases the accuracy of your pull-off adhesion testing with perfect vertical cutting movements, down to the metal.

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Pull off adhesion tester
Our precision pull-off strength adhesion tester is a highly accurate tensile testing device that works on the so-called ‘pull-off principle’ and complies with the requirements of ASTM D4541 and ISO 4624. It features a hydraulic hand-pump and is equipped with a precision manometer and an adhesion pull off testing head.

You can choose different micro-testing heads for different adhesion testing applications. We manufacture testing-heads for measuring very small coated objects, for measuring paint adhesion on steel, concrete or stone surfaces.

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Adhesion Tester PosiTest
Our highly accurate adhesion testers measure the adhesion strength of coatings applied on metal, wood, concrete, and similar substrates. We make manual and automatic models, both of which come with an electronically controlled hydraulic pump that applies smooth and continuous pull-off pressure.

The self-aligning aluminum dollies of our adhesion testing devices enable accurate measurements on smooth or uneven surfaces

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Your global test and inspection partner for ASTM D4541