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ASTM D7234

Introducing ASTM D7234 - Industrial Physics

ASTM D7234 is a global ASTM test method for calculating the adhesion strength of coatings on concrete using portable pull-off adhesion testers.  

The pull-off strength and mode of failure of a coating from a concrete substrate are important performance properties. With this ASTM adhesion test method you’ll be able to uniformly prepare and test coated surfaces and accurately evaluate the results. 

The ASTM D7234 test determines the greatest perpendicular force that a surface area can bear before a plug of material is detached. During the adhesion test the failure then occurs along the weakest section of the sample.  

We recommended that your coating is properly cured to ensure cohesive strength and adhesion. A minimum cure time before testing should be provided by the coating manufacturer. You may find you’ll need to extend this time depending on the atmospheric conditions on site, such as temperature and low or high humidity. 

ASTM D7234 was created to measure the pull-off strength of coatings on concrete only. If you need a pull off test for other rigid substrates then check out ASTM D4541 instead. 

What’s a pull-off adhesion tester?

You’ll need a pull-off adhesion tester to follow the ASTM D7234 standard effectively. These adhesion testing devices can apply a concentric load and counter load to a single surface. Measurements are limited by the strength of adhesion bonds between the loading fixture, coating system and the substrate. They’re also influenced by the cohesive strengths of the glue, coating layers and the substrate itself. 

You can use a range of adhesion testing devices when working to ASTM D7234. So it’s important to note that any pull-off adhesion strength measurements depend upon the material itself and the adhesion tester’s parameters. Remember to identify the specific adhesion tester when reporting results.

ASTM D7234 impact testing equipment 

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM D7234 testing?  

Our adhesion testing devices will let you see if the paint and treatments you select will effectively stick to your substrates and help you to determine the failure point of your adhesive. 

TQC Sheen PosiTest adhesion tester  

The PosiTest adhesion tester measures the adhesion of coatings applied on concrete, metal, wood, and similar substrates. We make both manual and automatic models of this accurate pull-off adhesion tester and both comply with the ASTM D7234 standard. 

Both adhesion testers are kitted out with a hydraulic pump. The automatic adhesion tester’s pump is electronically controlled to deliver smooth and continuous pull-off pressure. Our customers tell us that this version greatly reduces user effort and the risk of influencing the pulling process. 

Need ASTM testing solutions? Get in touch

If you want to avoid any sticky situations with your adhesion testing then why not pull-off the advice contained in our blog page ‘A complete guide to pull-off adhesion testing?’ 

Or simply get in touch today to find out more about the many types of pull-off adhesion testing equipment and accessories we can offer! 

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