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International Standards

ISO 4624

ISO 4624 is an international ISO standard used when pull-off testing various paints and varnishes.

This ISO adhesion testing method helps you to evaluate the durability of protective coatings and can be used to test a wide range of substrates. Within the ISO 4624 guidance there’s different procedures recommended, depending on whether the substrate is deformable (thin metal, plastics and wood), or rigid (thick concrete and metal plates).

The ISO 4624 test approach

To carry out an ISO 4624 adhesion test you’ll need to glue a dolly to the protective coating of a substrate surface and apply external force to it. Essentially, you remove the coating by pulling the dolly at a perpendicular angle. Then you assess the results of your pull-off test.

Adhesion testing experts evaluate the amount of force required to remove the coating and apply the acquired data to industry standards and client specifications. This type of pull-off testing is effective on single or multi-coat systems and is conducted in a laboratory or on-site.

ISO 4624 specifies three methods that you can use to determine adhesion strength. They can be adopted whether you need to perform a pull-off test on a single coating or a multi-coat system of paint or varnish. Through this ISO standard you get to understand the adhesion behavior of different coatings. You’ll find that it’s most useful for providing relative ratings for a series of coated panels exhibiting significant differences in adhesion.

To make sure you don’t distort the substrate during this adhesion test, it’s common to use a sandwich construction and the coating can be applied directly to the face of a test dolly.

ISO 4624 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 4624 testing?

The TQC Sheen PosiTest ATM and ATA adhesion tester

The PosiTest adhesion tester measures the adhesion of coatings applied on metal, wood, concrete and similar substrates. Choose from both manual and automatic models of this popular adhesion tester.

TQC Sheen pat GM01 adhesion tester

This precision pull off adhesion tester is a hydraulic tensile tester that works on the pull off testing principle. It consists of a hydraulic hand-pump equipped with a precision manometer - it’s just what you need for ISO 4624 testing.

Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 4624