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17-77 Top Load Compression Tester

The model 17-77 Top Load Compression Tester meets international standards and corporate testing methods for compression strength requirements for a variety of materials and products. A new enhanced microprocessor design with servo motor provides precision force and position control for repeatable instrument performance.




The performance of a container in production and transit is critical to the manufacturer. Product failures during filling, packing, warehousing and shipping are costly and can easily be prevented when containers and finished goods are tested for top-load strength.Top-load strength is an excellent method to optimize the necessary force required to produce deformation and failure of bottles and containers. Top load strength can also identify thinned areas in the wall of the bottle resulting in poor wall-thickness distribution.

Options – Opening Size: 16, 20 and 24 inch

Measuring range:  0 ““ 2000 lb (0- 8896 Newton)

Load Cells:  0-1000 lb., 0-2000 lb. (2225 N, 4450 N, 8896 N)

Accuracy:  ฑ .5 % of reading

Stroke length:  16 in (406 mm) or 24 in (609 mm)

Measuring units:  N, N/mฒ, lb, lb/inฒ, kg or kg/mฒ

Test Speed:  0.02 – 20 in/min (0.508 -508 mm/min)

Return Speed:  10 in/min (254 mm/min)

Upper platen size:  13 x 13 in (330 x 330 mm) with 16 in (406 mm) opening

Lower platen size:  13 x 13 in (330 x 330 mm)

Statistics display:  Number of tests, Highest value, Lowest value, Average, Standard deviation, Variation coefficient,

Max. number of tests :  100 (in one test series)

Instrument Size Depth: 22 in. (56 cm)

Height: 36 in. (92 cm)

Width: 22 in. (56 cm)

Weight: 345 lb. (157 kg)

Power:  120V/220Volt, 50Hz/60HzRS232C output

Built-in Printer: 

Features & Benefits

Maximum Capacity 2000 LB (8896 N)

Selection of load cell ranges to Maximum Capacity

Platen size 13 x 13 in (330 x 330 mm)

Adjustable pre-load before start of measurement

Variable pre-test speed to pre-load

Variable test speed

Auto return to pre-set start distance

Automatic fast return platen saves testing time

Pre-set keys for storing up to 6 test methods

Multi-language programmed- 7 languages: English – Dutch – German – French – Spanish – Finnish ““ Italian (special languages on request)

Measuring units include: N, N/mฒ, lb, lb/inฒ, kg, or kg/mฒ

RS232C serial data output

Built-in Printer

Overload protection based on load cell in use