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Products  > Testing Machines Inc. Top Load Compression Tester 17-77

Testing Machines Inc. Top Load Compression Tester 17-77

Maximize the top-load performance of your containers quickly and accurately with our advanced 17-77 Top Load Compression Tester. 


Brought to you by Testing Machines Inc., our specialist physical property materials testing brand, this compression tester is designed to measure top-load strength.  

If you are looking for a package compression tester to verify the stacking strength of containers made from paper, corrugated or plastics and polymers, then our model 17-77 is the right solution.   

Our compression tester is relied upon across the food, beverage, cosmetics,  flexible packaging, pharmaceuticals, paper and pulp and plastics and polymer industries. It’s ideal for testing all manner of containers from blow molded containers for beverage and household use to PET bottles, tubes and cores or corrugated boxes.  

Why invest in a top-load compression tester?

The performance of a container in production and transit is critical to the manufacturer. Product failures during filling, packing, warehousing and shipping are costly and can easily be prevented when containers and finished goods are tested for top-load strength. 

Top-load strength is an excellent method to optimize the necessary force required to produce deformation and failure of bottles and containers. It can also identify thinned areas in the wall of the bottle resulting in poor wall thickness distribution. 

That’s why you need to invest in a top load compression tester. 

Top compression tester microprocessor

With an enhanced microprocessor design with servo motor, the TMI top load compression tester provides precision force and position control for repeatable instrument performance. 

A touch panel top load compression tester

The intuitive software design and the easy-to-use touch panel of our compression tester gives you full control over your package inspection operation. After each evaluation the test screen automatically provides result data and statistics, including: 

  • Number of tests 
  • Highest value 
  • Lowest value 
  • Average 
  • Standard deviation 
  • Variation coefficient

Safety first compression testing

Our top load compression tester has a helpful overload protection feature which is based on the load cell you are using. 

Package compression tester excellence – as standard

The Model 17-77 Compression Tester was built to support your top-load strength testing to multiple international standards and corporate testing methods for a variety of materials and products. These standards include:  

A strong compression tester portfolio  

Industrial Physics makes lots of packaging compression testers and strength testing devices to support our customers in inspecting all different types of containers.  

For example, be sure to check out our X100 Model 1kN Single Column Tensile Tester.

Compressing our knowledge for you!

Over many decades of making strength testing devices we have gained a lot of knowledge. We share the valuable insight we have gained across the knowledgebase section of our website. There you’ll see articles that explore all manner of related subjects. 

Why not start with this one explaining top load / crush testing with a video showing one of our universal testing machines at work? 


SKU: 17-77-00-0001

Applications: Compression and Crush Testing, Corrugated Testing, Materials Testing

Materials: Corrugated Paper, Paper, Plastics and Polymers

Measuring range: 0 ““ 2000lb (0- 8896 Newton)

Load cells: 0-1000lb., 0-2000lb. (2225N, 4450N, 8896N)

Accuracy: ฑ .5 % of reading

Stroke length: 16in (406mm) or 2 in (609mm)

Measuring units: N, N/mฒ, lb, lb/inฒ, kg or kg/mฒ

Test speed: 0.02 – 20in/min (0.508 -508mm/min)

Return speed: 10in/min (254 mm/min)

Upper platen size: 13 x 13in (330 x 330mm) with 16in (406 mm) opening

Lower platen size: 13 x 13in (330 x 330mm)

Statistics display: Number of tests, highest value, lowest value, average, standard deviation, variation coefficient

Max. number of tests: 100 (in one test series)

Instrument Size Depth: 22in. (56cm)

Height: 36in. (92cm)

Width: 22in. (56cm)

Weight: 345lb. (157kg)

Power: 120V/220 Volt, 50Hz / 60HzRS232C output

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