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Top Load/Crush Testing

Top Load Testing, Crush Testing or Compressive Testing is a popular test used in the packaging industry to measure the strength of bottles and similar containers. It is most often used on PET plastic bottles but can be used on virtually any container. By crushing samples to a specific distance (usually ¼”) and measuring the load it is possible to determine the quality of the bottles being produced. A sample that fails to produce a certain load at the ¼” displacement indicates problems with the manufacturing process or raw material being used. Top Load testing is also used in the R&D of new package design to measure how a sample will withstand forces encountered during manufacturing, transportation, and ultimately how it will function when product is added.

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United can help you with these and many other Crush/Top Load testing standards

ASTM D2659-11 – Standard test method for column crush properties of blown thermoplastic containers.
ASTM D642-00 (2010) – Standard test method for determining compressive resistance of shipping containers, components, and unit loads.
ASTM D4577-05 (2010) – Standard test method for compression resistance of a container under constant load.
ASTM D4169-09 – Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems.
ISO 8113:2004 –  Glass containers resistance to vertical load.
ISTA 2 Series Partial-Simulation Performance Test Procedure (Sequence #3)