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Strength Testing

Strength and Tensile Testing

Strength Testing Solutions

Your reputation is only as strong as your product. We’re here to ensure the strength of your materials with the best strength testing and tensile testing equipment available.

Our strength testing solutions are incredibly varied – in fact, it would be quicker to list the types of tensile testing and strength testing we don’t offer. We have a long list of potential tensile strength tension tests and methods available.

Many types of strength testing

From peel strength testing to yield strength, delamination, and shear strength– our product range will support all types of strength testing.

Whether you need to drill down on your burst strength-package rates, or you need precise seal or impact strength testing, you’ll find what you need in the robust, reliable Industrial Physics strength testing and  tensile testing product range.

In the medical industry, it’s critical that manufacturers adopt various strength testing methods and tensile strength tension tests to ensure the structural integrity of products and their packaging. In particular, it is crucial for devices to be compliant with ISO 11607 and ensure a sterile barrier.

Top-notch tensile testing

To confirm that the package performs adequately under stress, maintaining the integrity of both the seals and packaging materials is key. Our strength testing test and measurement instruments will highlight any weakness in the package that would create a leak risk. You can find out more about our strength testing and tensile testing devices here.


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