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Plastics and polymers

For perfect polymers and fantastic plastics

If you need to test the performance of your plastics and polymers, we have the best instruments in the industry.

Our innovative inspection devices put your raw sample materials and finished products through their paces. They give you highly accurate, reliable and repeatable results.

Whether you make polymer packaging or polypropylene car parts, we offer the latest in testing technology. Choose us when you need to ensure your products meet stringent international quality standards, including ASTM and ISO.

Industry-leading plastics testing solutions

Over the decades our engineers have manufactured many popular devices that are famous for their accuracy and reliability. Specialist testing brands in the Industrial Physics family – including Ray-Ran, Testing Machines Inc. and United Testing Systems – are now synonymous with quality test and inspection solutions.

If you work with recycled plastics, a rigorous plan of quality testing procedures is critical. As we move from a single use, to a fully circular economy, we can help you to bring more of your testing in-house. Giving you complete confidence in your innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

For more information on the types of plastics and polymers we can help you to test.

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