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Serving up exceptional inspection solutions

To be successful within the food industry, you need complete control over your manufacture and packaging processes.

Poor quality control and inadequate testing of your card, plastic, or metal containers leads to product failure, loss of sterility, or even environmental contamination.
Industrial Physics is a world leader in providing test and inspection solutions to the food and beverage industries. Our highly accurate instruments will inspect most aspects of your products and packaging.

Need to check the seams, labels, moisture levels, codes or the caps of your products? No problem. Got a food, beverage, or aerosol product that requires a metal container? We have the gauges, testers, and software to reduce the cost of production and increase the efficiency of your canning and bottling processes.

Our innovative and robust machines help food manufacturers, big and small, to improve their processes and final products. They are fully customizable to suit the demands of your business. The instruments even tackle special packaging types and line conditions – this includes the clean and hygienic demands of the baby food production environment, or the high speed and wet conditions needed for beverage lines.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our metal packaging solutions, take a look at our seam inspection guidebook for expert insights into the test and inspection equipment for food cans here. To find out more about flexible food packaging, access our latest guidebook which outlines the ultimate test and inspection solutions to ensure the quality control of your flexible packaging.



Protecting the integrity of the world’s most loved brands

Our brewery has experienced great customer service with Industrial Physics. As a Chemist, I understand equipment doesn’t work all the time. The technical support team for Industrial Physics, especially Leo and Oscar, have made sure that when equipment needs support, it is done right away. We have experienced very minimal downtime due to their dedication! I can’t express enough how happy I am with their support!

Gicole Paterson, Chemist

Blues City Brewery, LLC

For many years, we have been a user of laboratory equipment under the TQC brand for coating tests. Many of our customers appreciate the TQC brand equipment, because it is a world-class apparatus that they know and use in their laboratories. Excellent technical contact, perfect customer service and fast order processing time are undoubtedly additional advantages that determine the choice of TQC as our permanent supplier of laboratory equipment today and in the future.

Artur Palasz PHD, R&D Director

Spektrochem Paint Laboratory

The Eagle vision Dirty Tray Vision systems (DTV) has proven to be a reliable and functional addition to our jumbo mogul. Quality of product, reduction of scrap and long term operating cost have all been enhanced by this addition to our system.

Daniel Marschall, President

Marschall Labs