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TQC Sheen Cube Applicators

TQC Sheen Cube applicator for applying a paint film of uniform thickness. Ideal for applying paint on test panels, particularly when used with a drying time recorder. Available in more sizes to buy online click here.

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Introducing the TQC Sheen Cube Applicator: your go-to solution for achieving a uniform paint film thickness with precision and ease.

Each Cube Applicator is engineered to deliver consistent results, offering the flexibility to apply either two pre-defined thicknesses or two thicknesses tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re conducting quality control assessments or research and development experiments, trust in the TQC Sheen Cube Applicator to meet your needs.

Models and Sizes:

Some models are available to purchase online. Please see the details below or click here for more information.

Key Features:

• Versatile Application: Ideal for applying paint on test panels, particularly when used with a drying time recorder.
• Guide Plate for Accuracy: Standard equipped with a guide plate, ensuring straight drawdowns on narrow glass panels without the need for additional caster guides.
• Easy to Remove: The guide plate is easily detachable with screws for convenient maintenance and customization.
• Premium Construction: Crafted from ASAB Stavax ESR medical-grade stainless tool steel, undergoes sub-zero vacuum hardening for enhanced durability and longevity.
• Superior Hardening: Through-hardening process ensures uniform hardness throughout the applicator, preventing excessive wear and tear for extended product lifespan and consistent accuracy.

Experience seamless compatibility with the TQC Sheen Drying Time Recorder, enhancing your paint application and drying time assessment processes. Whether you’re in the lab, workshop, or field, trust in the TQC Sheen Cube Applicator to deliver reliable and precise results every time.



38 / 76µmAB3700 – Buy online
50 / 100µmAB3701 – Buy onlineAB3710
70 / 150µmAB3702 – Buy online
150 / 200µmAB3711
Custom µmAB3703 – Buy online
1,5 / 3MillAB3705
2 / 4MillAB3706
3 /6MillAB3707
Custom MillAB3708



Applications: Coating Testing

Dimensions: 25x24x24 mm / 0.98×0.94×0.94 inch

Weight: 65 g / 2.29 oz

Material: ASAB Stavax ESR medical grade stainless tool steel, Sub Zero Vacuum hardened (+1756°C to -70°C), hardness HRC 55 (through hardened)

Accuracy: +/- 2 µm

Surface treatment: Polished

Tank Ø: 15 mm / 0.59 inch

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Spares and Accessories

Close View of TQC Art. nr. AB3602

Narrow glass beds 305x2 x3 mm for TQC Drying Time Recorder, set of 12 pcs

Calibration Available

Declaration of Conformity

Calibration Certificate

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