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Quality By Vision Can Height Gauge: Beverage Cans

The Quality By Vision Beverage Can Height Gauge is a high quality, low cost manual solution for measuring cans 


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Brought to you by Quality By Vision, our specialist metal package testing brand, our simple but accurate can gauge is relied upon by companies across the metal packaging and beverage industries. 

Why is measuring cans important?

The can height value is critical to ensure a successful double seaming closure. Inconsistent can measurement results can indicate key problems with the seam closure. While working with inaccurate can height measurements can lead to major production issues.  

Doubly useful can gauge capability    

We want to make your job of measuring cans as simple as possible. So we built the Quality By Vision can height gauge to accommodate two can sizes in its standard format. Plus it comes with an adaptor for measuring 330ml beverage cans. 

A granite mounted can height gauge 

The Quality By Vision can height gauge features a 10 micron resolution gauge and is set on a stable granite table stand for highly accurate measurements.  

Can height gauge software option

Our digital can height gauge can be connected to SEAMetal HD software, or Symphony data collection software which opens up a huge amount of data analysis options. This includes real time monitoring, data collection and statistical process control.  

A strong compression tester portfolio

We’ve been working with metal packaging for many decades and have developed all different types of can measuring equipment for all manner of applications.  

Across the diverse portfolio of products we offer, we have devices like the CMC-KUHNKE FCG-3000 Finished Can Gauge, which accurately measures all critical parameters of multiple-sized, 2-piece cans. Another great instrument to check out is the Quality By Vision MDA – Multidimensional Automatic Gauge for Aerosol Cans. 

Can gauge testing tips

Over many decades of making can gauges and helping our customers with measuring cans, we’ve learnt a lot about metal packaging! 

We share some of this insight throughout the knowledgebase section of our website.  

How about a few blogs on the subject of metal cans and packaging? OK then, first up there’s this piece which delves into how beverage cans are made. Then, if you’re wondering which type of metal packaging is right for your products, then try this article – 2-piece vs 3-piece cans: choosing the right packaging. Finally, why not have a read of our popular history of the can-timeline? 

Resolution:  10 microns (0.01 mm)

Computer connection:  RS232, can be connected to SEAMetal, or Symphony software

Base:  heavy granite base-plate

Can sizes:  any beverage can size

Resolution:  10 microns (0.01 mm)

Computer connection:  RS232, can be connected to SEAMetal, or Symphony software

Base:  heavy granite base-plate

Can sizes:  any beverage can size

Features & Benefits

Low cost, high quality manual can gauge for measuring the can height of beverage cans

Our can gauge has a stable granite table stand for higher accuracy measurements 

Reliable 10 micron resolution can gauge