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Statistical Process Control


420 354:00 / SFT-000021SPC





The newly designed SEAMetal SPC software is now integrated into the system and allows operators and administrators to view statistics locally as well as remotely over the corporate network (LAN).

The new Statistical Process Control (SPC) six-sigma software allows you to see an overview of what’s going on, then drill down to a particular data point, see its values, which report it belongs to, who measured it, see all the reports attached to that data point and even see the double seam measurement image that caused that data point to appear.

This amazing drill down capabilities gives the Q/A manager unprecedented control to review potential issues with double seaming, verify that everything is working correctly with very little need for knowing statistics – all you need is common sense.

The new system has been fine tuned towards easily understanding what each graph represents and provides drilldown access to any relevant data points. Predicting future problems using statistical trending has never been easier.

For example, if you see a red point, representing a point outside of the specifications, you can immediately view the report where that point belongs, or even view an image of the seam that generated that very point.

You can easily view and detect trends, as well as analyze statistical data.

Graphs include:
Histogram graph
X-bar graph
Range graph
Head performance comparison graph

Statistics include:
Standard deviation

Filter by:
date range
product types
custom fields (e.g., product, customer, can manufacturer)
Free as part of the full SEAMetal HD package!
Works remotely and over corporate network (LAN)

SPC features include:  Xbar, XbarR, range, head comparison, histogram graphs

SPC features include:  Xbar, XbarR, range, head comparison, histogram graphs

Features & Benefits

Easy to use and understand

Six sigma

Statistical trends easy to use and understand

Every point can be shown directly on the graph

Points allow direct drill down to linked images and reports