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Products  > Quality By Vision Quality By Vision MDA – Multidimensional Automatic Gauge for Aerosol Cans

Quality By Vision Quality By Vision MDA – Multidimensional Automatic Gauge for Aerosol Cans

Accurately measure and record all critical aerosol can dimensions using the MDA-100 all-in-one multidimensional automatic can gauge. 


Brought to you by Quality By Vision, our specialist metal packaging vision testing brand, this industry-leading, multidimensional can gauge will save you time and money. 

Many aerosol can makers rely on a range of handheld calipers, micrometers and other time consuming measurement devices to gauge critical aerosol can dimensions during production.  

Unfortunately, most all-in-one can gauges are typically custom made for a specific can size – so each plant needs several of them! Plus, they’re expensive and difficult to calibrate and use. 

A rapid and reliable can gauge  

The non-destructive, affordable technology of the MDA-100 can gauge is suitable for all two and three piece cans. It speeds up your production line by inspecting all can dimensions in less than a second and three sections in just 10 seconds.  

The results are swiftly presented in an easy-to-analyze format, clearly flagging any aerosol can dimensions that don’t meet your specifications.  

Inspects ALL critical aerosol can dimensions

The MDA-100 multidimensional can gauge measures the following aerosol can dimensions simultaneously and automatically: 

  • Total can height (E dimension)  
  • Dome depth (BD dimension)  
  • Seam height / length (L dimension)  
  • Height between top and bottom seams (D dimension)  
  • Height from top seam to top of can (C dimension)  
  • Top seam diameter (K dimension)  
  • Bottom seam diameter (Bottom K dimension)  
  • Can body diameter (BO dimension)  
  • S-dimension (on necked cans)  
  • 1″ opening inside diameter (ID)  
  • 1″ opening outside diameter / ring diameter (ED or OD dimension)  

If you work with monobloc and 2-piece cans our can gauge will check the following aerosol can dimensions 

  • Cap fit diameter  
  • Can fit height  
  • Top body diameter. 

Through independent can gauge R&R (repeatability and reproducibility) tests performed by our customers, the MDA-100 exceeded requirements on all dimensions. 

Clear, tamper-proof can gauge inspection

You can be 100% confident of the results you get from the MDA-100 can gauge. With a special centering mechanism and high-accuracy zero-drift gauges, there’s no operator influence on the measurement process. 

The tamper-proof results can’t be changed by the operator. Our easy-to-analyze presentation format clearly flags any aerosol can dimensions that don’t meet your specifications. 

Genuine all-in-one can gauge testing

The MDA-100 doesn’t require any change parts or changeover to go from one can size to another. So you only need one gauge in your workplace. 

Simple can gauge calibration

Calibration is super fast and convenient, our dimensional gauge can be calibrated in less than a minute.  

Exportable can gauge data collection  

Your aerosol can dimension data is recorded through the built-in ‘Symphony SPC’ data collection system. Automatically export your test results using third-party software like InfinityQS, Datamyte and others.  

More can gauge testing devices  

We don’t only make this particular dimensional gauge. We manufacture a wide range of aerosol can dimension inspection devices and accessories.   

Why not check out the MDE – Multidimensional Automatic Gauge for Aerosol Ends? It’s another fantastic can gauge that will read all critical dimensions on any size aerosol end. 


SKU: MDA-000004A-1

Applications: Aerosol Testing

Materials: Metals

Can type: Aluminum or steel, 3-piece, 2-piece, monobloc

Can opening: 1″ standard

Can heights: 100-320mm/ 3.95-12.60in

Can diameters: 50-65mm/ 200-211

Aerosol can dimensions measured: can height, seam height, height between seams (D-dimension), height from top seam to top of can (C-dimension), top seam diameter, bottom seam diameter, dome depth, S-dimension, 1″ opening outside diameter and inside diameter

Measurement time: less than one second

Can profiles: necked and non-necked, straight or shaped

Air pressure required: 6bar (90psi)

Electrical power required: 220V/50Hz 115V/60HZ

Resolution: 10 microns (0.0005in)

Can gauge dimensions: W42 x H70 x L67cm (16.4 x 27.6 x 26.6in)

Can gauge weight: 60kg (132lbs)

Crated dimensions: W54 x H82 x L76cm (21 x 30 x 32in)

Crated can gauge weight: 68kg (150lbs)

Can gauge connectivity required: USB

Measurement units: mm, in

Output interface: USB 2/3

Languages: English

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The Problem

With rising pressures on canneries and can makers to increase productivity, minimize both changeover time and unplanned stops – while ensuring higher quality closures – accurate seamer setup is vital.  

The Solution

Our customer needed a reliable instrument to speed up their seamer changeovers. We presented the ‘perfect’ solution in the Quality By Vision Clearance Gauge. It takes the guesswork out of seamer setup, improves seam integrity, increases uptime and rapidly makes changeovers. 

The Result

A spokesperson for industry-leading metal packaging  manufacturer Caniel said: “The team at Industrial Physics identified the perfect solution for our testing requirements and this has been a huge benefit for us.” 

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