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Products  > Quality By Vision Symphony: SPC and gauge data acquisition

Quality By Vision Symphony: SPC and gauge data acquisition

Gauge measurement acquisition and Statistical Process Control for six sigma and centralized data


This easy to use and feature rich software provides real time monitoring, data collection and statistical process control. This allows plants to easily view, collect and store data from other Quality By Vision systems and a variety of third party instruments and to perform Statistical Process Control (SPC) on their measurements!

Running under Windows™ operating systems and integrating the latest technologies, this completely software-based system allows operators and managers to analyze and collect their instrumentation results in an automated and accurate fashion.

A can maker may want to have Symphony stations monitoring each stage of the can production cycle. Supervisors and Plant Management can see what readings all stations are getting in real time on the Symphony Overview screen and then drill down to get the readings over time (see images to the right).

For example, the first station can connect to gauges measuring the body blank and plate thickness. The next station can be placed at another point in the production line, measuring can beads, can height and flanges, using the Can Profile Analyzer, for example. Another station can record the Enamel weight and Plug diameter. The final station can measure any additional measurements and tests that may be required.

No matter where the data is coming from, Managers and Supervisors can view the data collected in real time on their Overview screens, and can create SPC graphs and reports of the data, from their own office!

This feature allows Managers to quickly determine if any of the lines are showing a problem. Also, the manager can quickly determine where potential problems are introduced into the production cycle and which production stage is operating at below-optimum quality levels.

Quality By Vision continually adds new drivers, supporting the leading gauges and data collection equipment as they are introduced. This includes pressure gauges, weight gauges, temperature gauges, standard calipers (e.g., Sylvac and Mitutoyo gauges) and custom measurement controllers (e.g., testing the thickness of a particular property in the product – such as the pressure at which the can buckles).

Formula drivers allow operators to perform calculations that are saved into the database. For example, measuring two values and having their sum or difference stored in the reports. Even smarter functions are possible – like measuring the weight of 10 products before going into a coating process and then measuring them again after the coating process (even several hours later) and storing the average weight difference.

Symphony is the perfect alternative for plants who want all the features and capabilities of more expensive and complicated enterprise SPC packages, with the simplicity and elegance you can expect from Quality By Vision!



Applications: Aerosol Testing, Beverage Testing, Can Inspection

Materials: Metals

Features & Benefits

Drivers for most popular gauges are available! Hook up Mitutoyo gauges, WACO Enamel Raters, Mettler weights and other hardware with ease!Support for all types of measurement devices (distance, weight, temperature, pressure, etc.)Formula calculations are easy to perform. For example, you can weigh 5 ends without the seam compound, then 5 ends with compound and get the calculated average compound weight!Measurement types can be parallel or serial (measure several parameters at once from multiple devices, or one by one).You determine the order of the measurements, the style of the reports and the data you want to see! Designed for manufacturing environmentsIntuitive on screen display during measurements.Symphony Monitor and Data Viewing FeaturesOverview screen shows you what all lines are doing in real time! Data is collected from Symphony or other Quality By Vision gauges and can be displayed anywhere in the plant!Gives you real time, actionable data (so you don’t need SPC black belt certification to nunderstand what the line status is)Full featured SPC system built inPointing at any one point on a graph will provide information on the measurement value, date and time, report and machine headHTML and Excel reporting system with summary reports!Data is viewable from anywhere in the plant for free!All popular gauges and multiplexers supportedSPC features include: Xbar, XbarR, range, head comparison, histogram graphsData collection can be done for multiple measurement types, in local units (e.g., weight, force, distance, etc.).Drivers for video capture measurementDrivers for data inclusion from other Quality By Vision productsFormula support (answer can be the calculation between more than one measurement device!)

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