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Oxygen Process Testing Equipment

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Paper and Pulp

Experts in paper testing

Experts in testing for the paper and pulp industry

At Industrial Physics, we’ve specialized in the design and manufacture of testing instruments for pulp, paper, and packaging industries for almost 100 years – so you know we come to any new problems or products with a huge wealth of experience behind us.

Our testing solutions cover a wide swathe of applications, from helping you determine the whiteness and brightness of your paper to getting to grips with just how sturdy your corrugated boxes are.

Test and inspect solutions for paper and cardboard packaging

When it comes to packaging, our job is simple – we provide equipment that allows you to ensure the integrity of your paper and pulp packaging. Our tests ensure your paper can resist heavy weight, is immune to crushing, and ultimately is delivered to the recipient in prime condition.

Testing the integrity of paper packaging

We have a wide variety of instruments on offer to help you test every element of your paper and boards – these include edge crush tests, box compressions tests, ecommerce packaging testing, retail packaging testing, and container packaging testing.

We also have solutions for fiber board packaging testing, thermo box testing, fiber board testing, offline testing, substrate testing, and a whole host of other tests for paper and pulp packaging.

Our flexible packaging testing covers every area of physical paper testing.  Whatever you’re looking for, we can help.

Optical properties of paper and packaging

In addition to determining how sturdy and reliable your paper and cardboard packing is, we have a range of testing options for the optical properties of paper too. From opacity to brightness and whiteness, we can help you make sure your paper and packaging looks as good as it should.

Testing solutions for the paper and pulp industry

Our specialist brands offer expertise in every area of paper and pulp testing. Discover the range of solutions and ethos behind Technidyne, Messmer Büchel and Testing Machines Inc or browse a highlighted selection below.