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Products  > Messmer Büchel Short Span Compression Test (SCT, STFI): 500N 17-36

Messmer Büchel Short Span Compression Test (SCT, STFI): 500N 17-36

Test and evaluate the strength of your paper and board samples with confidence using our industry-leading short span compression tester.


Developed by Messmer Büchel, our paper testing specialist brand, the 17-36 Short Span Compression Tester incorporates a friction-quashing precision mechanical design for unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

Stable compression testing

Because you can set the span or gap of our compression tester to a short distance of between 0.3-0.7mm, the stability of the clamps and device are critical. Ours are mounted on special, low friction gliders. Plus the nifty self-alignment mechanism means that long-term precision and perfect parallelism are assured.

Reliable results

SCT-short span compression testing is an important test to predict the performance of container boards used to make corrugated boxes. Take your 15mm wide sample, place it between two air operated clamps and it’s then compressed. The maximum compressive strength is recorded and reported in Kilonewtons per meter. You could say our inspection devices are dedicated corrugated box compression testing machines!

Precision sample cutter

You can reduce any test result variability even further with a Model 22-25 precision sample cutter. Its purpose-designed to prepare 15-mm samples and engineered to assure your safety as you prepare high precision test samples.

A quick thinking compression tester

The new load cell interface provides higher accuracy and better reproducibility. The graphical buttons on the seven inch touchscreen, give you unmatched control over the selection and setting of test parameters. This makes navigating our compression tester’s suite of features both quick and intuitive.


GraphMasterPro™ is a powerful data collection program that gives you accurate curve analysis and individual test data storage. The interface also can be used to control the testing instrument from the comfort of your PC.

Compression testing choices

We make a range of different compression testers to suit a variety of applications. It’s fair to say we squash the competition when it comes to compression testers! Check out our 17-40 floor-standing box compression tester or the 17-77 top load compression tester and get in touch if you need more options or information.

Talking our walk

We like to talk our walk at Industrial Physics and share a little knowledge along the way. So why not check out some of the blogs we’ve published on compression testers and testing herehere…or maybe here!


SKU: 17-36-00-0001

Applications: Compression and Crush Testing, Corrugated Testing

Materials: Corrugated Paper, Paper

Measuring Units: N, kN/m, Lb and Lb/inch

Load Cell Range: 500N or 250 N

Accuracy: 1% of reading

Test Speed Mov. Jaw: 3mm/min ± 1mm/min.

Adjustable Span: 0.3 – 0.7 mm (steps 0.1)

Span Accuracy: 0.05 mm

Language: multiple available

Electrical: 100 V-230VAC 50/60 Hz 28 Watt

Air: 600 kPa (instrument quality)

Dimensions: 430 x 420 x 195 mm (LxWxH)

Connections: RS 232, Mini USB, footswitch connector

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The Problem

When your customers must be able to rely on your inks and coatings there’s no margin for error in your test and inspection processes. So, settling for second-rate equipment and advice is a risky business! 

The Solution

With several dedicated inks and coatings testing brands in the Industrial Physics family, our industry-leading product portfolio and expertise is even relied upon by leading paint testing laboratories.   

The Result

Artur Palasz, R&D Director at Spektrochem, said:

Many of our customers appreciate Industrial Physics equipment, because it is a world-class apparatus that they know and use in their laboratories. Excellent technical contact, perfect customer service and fast order processing time are undoubtedly additional advantages that determine the choice of Industrial Physics as our permanent supplier of laboratory equipment today and in the future.”

Spares and Accessories

Close View of 17-34-01 Calibration Fixture

Calibration Fixture for Short Span Compression Tester (without weights)

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