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17-36 Short Span Compression Test (SCT, STFI): 500N

The 17-36 Short Span Compression Tester measures the compression strength of paper and board.





The 17-36 Short Span Compression Tester measures the compression strength of liner and fluting.
SCT-Short Span Compression is considered an important property and can be used to predict the performance of container board used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes.

The span or gap is set to a distance between 0.3-0.7mm. When performing a compression test on such a short distance, the stability of the clamps and instrument are critical. The 17-36 Short Span Compression tester incorporates a precision mechanical design to reduce frictional errors, providing unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

Model: 17-36 Series

Measuring Units: N,kN/m,Lb and Lb/inch

Load Cell Range: 500N or 250 N

Accuracy: 1% of reading

Test Speed Mov. Jaw: 3mm/min ยฑ 1mm/min.

Adjustable Span: 0.3 – 0.7 mm (steps 0.1)

Span Accuracy: 0.05 mm

Language: Multiple Available

Electrical:  100 V-230VAC 50/60 Hz28 Watt

Air: 600 kPa (instrument quality)

Dimensions: 430 x 420 x 195 mm (LxWxH)

Connections: RS 232, Mini USB, footswitch connector

Optional/Accessories: GraphMasterPro, 22-25 sample cutter, footswitch

Features & Benefits

GraphMasterProโข compatible

Serial printer output

Compact and Modern Design

The new design is modern and compact.

Beginning the test is easily done by pushing the START button on the top cover plate or using the START touch button on the touchscreen.

Precision Sample Cutter

Reduce test result variability by using Model 22-25 precision sample cutter.

Designed to prepare a 15-mm sample.

Engineered to assure operator safety and to prepare high precision test samples.

GraphMasterPro (Optional

)GraphMasterProโข is a data collection program capable of providing curve analysis and individual test data storage.

The interface also can be used to control the testing instrument from the PC.