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How can you maximize your corrugated crush test?


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How can you maximize your corrugated crush test?

As you’ll know, conducting the best corrugated crush test and compression test is critical – these are among the most widely used techniques when it comes to corrugated board tests that ensure quality control is upheld.

But how can you make sure you’re choosing the right solutions for your corrugated production line?

Corrugated crush test solutions

Traditional corrugated crush test techniques, including edge crush testing (ECT), ring crush testing (RCT), pin-adhesion testing (PAT), and concora medium (CMT) testing, remain globally shared, cornerstone testing methods.

New techniques including short-span compression (SCT) and the even newer S-test technique are increasing in popularity. These tests offer proven correlation to traditional methods like RCT and CMT -and what’s more, they require less sample preparation and higher sample throughput.

At Industrial Physics, we have a range of instruments that allow you to conduct quality corrugated board tests, you can find out about these here!

What are the biggest trends impacting corrugated manufacturing? 

As corrugated constructions move past traditional single and double wall to triple wall and beyond, more and more producers and end-users of corrugated are including full scale compression tests for corrugated boxes – this allows you to confirm the actual performance of completed boxes and packaging systems under real-world loading scenarios.

There are numerous trends impacting the corrugated market – from the rise of ecommerce, to demand for more sustainable solutions, to the diversity of packaging, the need for quality corrugated board tests is accelerating at a rapid pace.

You can find out more about the biggest factors impacting paper quality test methods in our exclusive report, ‘Your guide to quality corrugated’, here.

Making the right testing choice 

With so many options available, it’s fair to say that knowing how to choose the right crush tester is vital to your quality control process in corrugated packaging.

In our corrugated board test product booklet, we’ll show you the suite of crush testing solutions we have on offer and will also offer advice on how to make the most of this application – learn about our crush test solutions here!

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