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Pigment Testing

These days most paints and coatings have complex formulas, but they all contain three key ingredients: binders, solvents, and pigments.

Pigments are colored materials that are insoluble in water but can be dispersed into solvents, binders or resins. They’re added to paints and coatings formulations to impart color, bulk or a desired physical and chemical property to the dry or wet film.


Effective pigment testing of the concentration and the fineness of grind of your pigment provides properties such as the color and the gloss. While your binders or resins are the glue that holds the pigments together and creates the film.


The color of pigments arises because they absorb only certain wavelengths of visible light. The bonding properties of the material determine the wavelength and efficiency of light absorption. The light of other wavelengths are reflected or scattered and the reflected light spectrum defines the color that we observe.

Pigment testing processes

Proper pigment testing of the paints and coatings you use is an essential check to ensure their appearance and performance. Fortunately, pigment inspection has become a well-defined science with advancements in light technology leading to stringent testing and quality control methods for manufactured paints and coatings.


Because there are so many types of paints and coatings on the market there are various methods of pigment inspection. It’s important to use just the right quantity in your formulated products and our reliable pigment testing equipment will help you to achieve this.

The best for any pigment test

We build reliable pigment inspection  and testing instruments that rapidly analyze any property of any pigment you are examining. This will give you a clear picture of which paints and coatings work best for your products…and which don’t!

You won’t find a better connection for your pigment inspection, so get in touch today!


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