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Let us be a component in your success

Charge up your electronics production processes with the great range of quality testing devices and services from Industrial Physics. Backed by the strength of over dozen brands, we offer a wide variety of test and inspection instruments across a range of applications within the electronics industry.


From individual components, to circuit board components, through to finished sealed electronic devices – we can help you test the integrity of your products and materials.

We’re here to make sure that your batteries, solders, touch screens, cables, and housings are fit for purpose, meet quality control and will ultimately please your customers.

For instance, we can even let you know how your electronic products will stand the test of time with an innovative environmental chamber that will recreate real climatic conditions.


Tension, compression, and materials test different parts and materials in the electronics industry to see how well they perform and handle. For example, testing the strength and durability of phone cases and screens.

Additionally, environmental factors such as humidity and other temperature changes can affect electronics. You can learn more about this in our article: How High Humidity Affects Electronics.

We also have a range of versatile leak testing instruments – offering insights into how ingress protected your devices from dust, water and other contaminants. You can rely upon our expertise when it comes to meeting IP67 – we have an equivalency test method that will allow you to meet IP67 requirements, whilst saving time and money. You can find out more IP67 Leak Detection Booklet. You can also learn more about Ingress Protection ratings and the best testing methods for IP67 here: Best IP67 Testing Procedure.

For a complete overview of different test types of electronic devices and components, check out our guide here: Complete Guide to Electronics Testing.

Switch on a better standard of electronics product testing. Check out the Industrial Physics portfolio of testing devices and services below.


Protecting the integrity of the world’s most loved brands

Our brewery has experienced great customer service with Industrial Physics. As a Chemist, I understand equipment doesn’t work all the time. The technical support team for Industrial Physics, especially Leo and Oscar, have made sure that when equipment needs support, it is done right away. We have experienced very minimal downtime due to their dedication! I can’t express enough how happy I am with their support!

Gicole Paterson, Chemist

Blues City Brewery, LLC

For many years, we have been a user of laboratory equipment under the TQC brand for coating tests. Many of our customers appreciate the TQC brand equipment, because it is a world-class apparatus that they know and use in their laboratories. Excellent technical contact, perfect customer service and fast order processing time are undoubtedly additional advantages that determine the choice of TQC as our permanent supplier of laboratory equipment today and in the future.

Artur Palasz PHD, R&D Director

Spektrochem Paint Laboratory

The Eagle vision Dirty Tray Vision systems (DTV) has proven to be a reliable and functional addition to our jumbo mogul. Quality of product, reduction of scrap and long term operating cost have all been enhanced by this addition to our system.

Daniel Marschall, President

Marschall Labs