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Products  > Systech Illinois EC900 Process Oxygen Analyser

Systech Illinois EC900 Process Oxygen Analyser

With unsurpassed accuracy, reliability, and flexibility under the most demanding on-line operating conditions, the EC900 process oxygen analyzer is a breath of fresh air. 


Brought to you by Systech Illinois, our world-leading gas, oxygen and moisture analysis brand, the EC900 series of oxygen analyzers measure levels as low as 20 ppm from ambient air in two minutes!  

These highly advanced instruments incorporate user-friendly software and the highest quality sensors to provide accurate, reliable results. 

Our oxygen analyzers are designed to monitor oxygen levels within most industrial gasses and atmospheres to ensure your product is fit for purpose. Unaffected by hydrocarbons or volatile atmospheres, our patented sensors are ideal for applications such as wave solder and reflow ovens. Whatever your measuring range, the EC900 series has an oxygen analyzer to suit your needs. 

Unmatched oxygen analyzer sensors 

The EC900 process oxygen analyzer series use a variety of specially engineered electrochemical fuel cells to measure oxygen.  

Our RACE™ sensors represent a breakthrough in electrochemical technology – a patented design that prevents saturation from high levels of oxygen. 

Versatile process oxygen analyzers

Our oxygen analyzers are used in applications from 20 ppb (parts per billion) up to 100% oxygen. They’re perfect for gas streams such as hydrogen, combustibles, hydrocarbons and inert gasses. With sensors that are easily calibrated to ambient air and traceable calibration gasses – they meet the most demanding quality assurance programs. 

There’s no need to compromise! Now you can match the sensor to your application for the best possible reliability and performance. All of our electrochemical oxygen analyzer sensors are manufactured to rigid tolerances and exacting production specifications. 

Our oxygen analyzers simplify sampling 

The EC900 series of process oxygen analyzers feature a bypass flowmeter, a pressure regulator, sample pump and flow alarm. 

Easy operation oxygen analyzer  

When you invest in an electrochemical oxygen gas analyzer from Systech Illinois you get a user-friendly menu with diagnostic capabilities.  

Alarmingly good oxygen gas analyzers 

The high-tech EC900 series of oxygen analyzers feature fault alarms as standard with high/low alarm options.     

Robust process oxygen analyzers 

When used in a normal operating range the sensors of our process oxygen analyzers typically last for 3-5 years. To back this up, you’re protected with a three year limited warranty. Your oxygen analyzer is maintenance-free, requires infrequent calibration and there’s no caustic electrolyte to monitor or replace. 

More oxygen analyzer options  

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of gas, moisture and oxygen analyzers. Also from Systech Illinois we make the PM700 process oxygen analyzer with its trusty magneto-dynamic transducer, as well as the MM500 moisture detector.  

OxySense is another leading oxygen analysis brand in the IP family. So be sure to check out their OxySense 5250i model. It’s an innovative, non-invasive oxygen monitoring and permeation system that’s perfect for flexible packaging testing.  

We live and breathe oxygen analysis!

Over the decades we’ve learnt a thing or two about monitoring gasses and building exceptional oxygen analyzers. We like to share this knowledge where we can! 

For example, we wrote this blog on the types of oxygen analyzers, their uses and functions. Then there’s this piece covering the need for measuring the oxygen transmission rate on PET bottle caps.

Oxygen analyzer application

Oxygen analyzers work by measuring the paramagnetic properties of the air or gas in an atmosphere. This could be in an open space, like a building or ship, or in a small and enclosed area, like the headspace in an item of flexible packaging. Here are some of the applications our EC900 series of oxygen analyzers are perfect for: 

Chemical / petrochemical chemical production 

  • High purity gas production 
  • Hydrocarbon refining 
  • Natural gas transmission  


  • Electron beam 
  • Ultraviolet  


  • Reflow / wave soldering 
  • Solder powder production 
  • Semiconductor furnaces 
  • Gas quality 


  • Heat treating / annealing 
  • Steel production 
  • Alloys and powdered metals  


  • Inert packaging 
  • Vessel blanketing 
  • Fermentation 


  • Ceramics 
  • Combustion analysis 
  • Contact lens manufacturing 
  • Food packaging 
  • Glass fiber optics 
  • Inert gas welding 
  • Lamp manufacturing 


  • Controlled environments 
  • Research and development 
  • Glove boxes 
  • Oxygen deficiency

How does our process oxygen analyzer work?  

The EC900 series of oxygen analyzers use a variety of electrochemical fuel cells for the detection of oxygen. 

When oxygen diffuses to the cathode of the cell, a current output is produced directly proportional to the concentration of oxygen in the sample gas. 

Specializing in trace oxygen measurements, Systech Illinois’ sensors are used in applications from ppb up to 100% oxygen. In addition, our oxygen analyzers can be used on gas streams such as hydrogen, combustibles, hydrocarbons and inert gasses. 

All Systech Illinois oxygen analyzers are easily calibrated to ambient air. For ISO purposes and in specific applications, traceable calibration gasses can be used to meet the most demanding quality assurance programmes. 


SKU: EC900 Series

Applications: Gas Analysis and Testing, Oxygen Process Analysis

Materials: Gas

EC920 oxygen analyzer: This oxygen analyzer is NEMA 4X / IP66 waterproof and weatherproof (weight 15.5KG / width 380mm / depth 160mm / height 460mm).

EC930 oxygen analyzer: This oxygen analyzer comes with a 19 inch rack mount to house one or two oxygen analyzers (weight 9.7KG / width 484mm / depth 410mm / height 190mm).

EC910 oxygen analyzer: A versatile panel mounted, or bench-top, oxygen analyzer (weight 7.9KG / width 237mm / depth 410mm / height 190mm).

Gas: oxygen

Application: industrial gas, glove boxes, oxygen-controlled atmospheres of all kinds

Measuring cell type: electrochemical, percentage, trace and RACE™ Cell (US & UK) patents

Trace: 0.1 ppm to 1% / RACE

Measurement range: trace 0.1ppm – 1%. RACE™ 0.1ppm – 30%. Percent 0.3% – 100%

Response time: trace

Power supply: 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz, 40VA

Display type: four-digit high-visibility LED

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The Problem

Sunshine Minting Inc. – a leading manufacturer of metal and base metal mint products – was in need of a process oxygen analyzer to ensure the perfect finish for a wealth of highly important customers. Specifically, they were searching for a solution to conduct oxygen detection in heat treating/annealing furnace atmosphere when it comes to the manufacturing of precious and non-precious metal coins. 

The Problem

Concentrations as low as 1,000 ppm can cause oxidation of certain metals at high temperature – and this can lead to cosmetic flaws. For example, the coin could result in a dull finish. That’s why we recommended our Systech Illinois EC900 Oxygen Process Analyzer – this monitors any oxygen (air) intrusion and ensures that any leaks can be blocked or plugged. 

The Result

A spokesperson said, “The Systech Illinois O2 sensor has worked great and found 2 separate points of O2 intrusion in the Hayes furnace as well as proving to the annealing supervisors and operators that certain procedures were introducing O2 into all the furnaces. Installing the EC913 has resulted in savings of 800 cubic feet per hour of nitrogen on the Hayes alone.

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