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MFR300 Microprocessor Melt Flow System

Introducing, our brand-new Ray Ran MFR300 - the most advanced model of Melt Flow Indexers manufactured by Ray-Ran. This system perfectly complements Ray Ran’s renowned MFR100 and MFR200 models.




Easy to use with sophisticated touch screen electronics, the MFR300 is packed with features that allow you to verify and validate sample materials quickly and efficiently – making this machine the perfect partner for your QA, QC, and R&D requirements. The system also comes with our Techni-Test software – offering an easy way to access your results.

Available accessories

The MFR300 Melt Flow System comes with standard accessories. These include:

  • Replaceable hardened steel cylinder liner
  • Piston and tungsten carbide test die along with 2.16 kg test load
  • Auto cut blade and all cleaning ancillaries

If you are testing corrosive materials such as PVCs or fluoropolymers, Hastelloy components can be supplied and fitted easily – reducing downtime and overall cost.

Using the latest on-board microprocessor technology, MFR testing has never been as easy or accurate.

Want to find out more about how the MFR300 could support your needs? Get in touch for more information!



Processor:  Dedicated microprocessor

Display:  4.3” touch screen display

Connection:  Wi-Fi, USB, and ethernet enabled

Heating:  Dual zone heating

Temperature:  accurate to ± 0.10°C

Temperature range:  0 to 450°C* 500°C optional

Temperature resolution:  ± 0.10°C

Digital encoder:  accurate to ± 0.02mm

Electrical characteristics:  110v@60hz and 220v@50hz fuse rating 10 amp

Features & Benefits

Easy to use functionality with accurate and repeatable results

The latest Techni-Test software

Ability to take multiple data point readings

User-friendly technology with touch screen display

Multi datapoint capture for accurate flow curve analysis

Intuitive icon driven menus

Embedded quick start guide

Techni-Test™ software included as standard

Quick change replaceable cylinder Liner

Tungsten carbide test die,

Piston & 2.16kg test weight supplied as standard.

Filling and cleaning tools included as standard.

Conforms to ASTM D1238, ASTM D3364, ISO 1133, DIN 53735 and others