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Products  > TM Electronics WORKER™: Leak & Flow Tester

TM Electronics WORKER™: Leak & Flow Tester

Efficient and reliable leak and flow tester, perfect for checking the integrity of everything from flexible packaging to electronical products.  


Easy leak test and flow testing

The TM Electronics WORKER™ is an affordable, dependable tool for your day-in, day-out leak testing, flow testing, and occlusion testing requirements. Whether you’re in aeronautics or pharmaceuticals, this compact and easy-to-use test and inspection solution is an ideal addition to your set up.  

Can be configured as a leak tester, a leak and flow tester, or a leak and occlusion tester and is available in pressure or vacuum models. 

Testing to your specifications

The two-line vacuum fluorescent display is easy to see, and large lit indicators display pass/fail test results. The TM Electronics WORKER™ also has PLC controls for semi-automatic operation and two-way RS-232 communication capability for downloadable program selection and uploadable data. Easily adjust set-up times (fill, settle, test), and set reject limits to detect fine or gross leaks. Repeatable, quantitative results; high decay resolution (0.0001 psi or 0.01 mbar) per second. 

Easily programable test options 

This leak and flow tester is available in both pressure and vacuum models and ethernet connectivity is optional.  You can also program and store up to 100 different test parameters and store 5,000 test results in the Data Log. Easily adjust set-up times and set reject limits to detect fine or gross leaks, perfect for a wide range of testing applications.  

Leak tester

Leak testers are devices or systems designed to detect and measure the presence of leaks, whether in gas, liquid, or other substances, helping ensure the integrity and safety of various products and systems

Leak detection testing options with the TM Electronics WORKER™ leak testing equipment

This affordable and compact testing device is capable of carrying out a range of pressure decay leak testing options, including:  

Vacuum decay testing 

Vacuum decay testing is a nondestructive method for detecting leaks in nonporous, rigid or flexible packages or other products that are supposed to be airtight.  

Flow testing 

This testing tool uses a precision mass flow sensor to make a direct measurement of air flow through the tested materials or part. A direct flow reading means no separate pressure measurements or special calculations are made in the instrument. 

Occlusion testing  

It also offers occlusion testing, a special type of flow test in which the instrument measures the back pressure of air flowing through the part to determine the extent to which the part is occluded.  

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The Problem

Proper calibration of your inspection devices is essential for a long and accurate life of service. A leading pet food manufacturer discovered this when shoddy servicing created a raft of problems with their burst and creep testing equipment.  

Our experts quickly identified and rectified the pre-existing problems. Now, they’re delighted to rely upon a trusted test and inspection partner with Industrial Physics.   

Scott Chambers, Quality Technician at Mars Inc., said,

“I was very happy to be one of the first companies to participate in the mobile calibration program. Ryan Moreno was my technician and was very personable, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The calibrations he performed were very efficient. I like having a technician on site one on one to answer any question I had. Also, not having to ship my BT-Integra units was a major plus. looking forward to future visits at Mars Petcare KKC.”

Spares and Accessories

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