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Products  > United Testing Tru-Blue Micro VT

United Testing Tru-Blue Micro VT

The Tru Blue Micro VT is a semi-automatic microhardness tester that offers industry-standard features and high-quality performance when performing Vickers hardness (HV) or Knoop hardness (HK).


Brought to you by United Testing Systems, our advanced materials testing brand, this semi-automatic microhardness tester offers industry-standard features for highly accurate knoop and vickers hardness testing. It’s just what you need for inspecting metal and alloy parts.  

The Tru Blu Micro VT will verify heat treatments, test the strength of your samples and ensure that your material will perform as expected. 

At Industrial Physics, we understand that lab downtime and disruptions cost you money – that’s why every piece of this microhardness tester is manufactured by skilled experts using the highest quality components possible. It’s built for durability, precision and ease of use.  

The fully digital programming and control coupled with high-quality optics make running a test quick and easy for every user. 

What does a microhardness hardness tester do?

Microhardness testing is a type of indentation hardness test used to measure the hardness of small regions or small-scale materials. It is particularly suitable for materials that are too small or too thin for traditional macroscopic hardness testing methods like the Rockwell or Vickers hardness tests. 

The test involves applying a minor load (usually in the range of a few grams to a few kilograms) to the surface of the material through an indenter, which is typically a pyramid-shaped diamond. The indentation is made with controlled force and dwell time. The size of the indentation is measured, and the hardness value is calculated based on the depth or area of the indentation. 

Microhardness testing is often used in materials science and engineering to evaluate small components, coatings, thin films, heat-affected zones, welds, microstructures, and localized hardness variations. It provides valuable information about the mechanical properties and behavior of materials on a microscale. 

Knoop and vickers hardness testing  

Our helpful Tru-Blue Micro Vt microhardness tester will perform both the Knoop and the Vickers hardness test.

There are two common methods for microhardness testing: 

  1. Vickers Microhardness Test: In this method, a diamond pyramid indenter with a specified angle between opposite faces (usually 136 degrees) is pressed into the material. The size of the indentation diagonals is measured, and the hardness is determined using a formula. 
  2. Knoop Microhardness Test: Similar to the Vickers test, this method also uses a diamond indenter, but with a rhombic-based pyramidal shape. The hardness value is calculated using the long and short diagonals of the indentation. 

Wide ranging microhardness testing  

The Tru-Blue microhardness tester is designed to measure hardness values on the Vickers (HV) and Knoop (HK) scales from 10g up to 1000g (1kg). 

A long-life microhardness tester

When you’re testing for hardness you want a machine that’s tough enough for the job. Rest assured, with the Tru-Blu microhardness tester you’ll perform thousands of test cycles without the risk of breakdown or failure. 

User-friendly microhardness tester software

The Tru-Blue Micro VT can be used with or without software. In its standard configuration (no PC) you can save hardness values directly to a USB drive for storage and/or transfer to a remote PC or server location. When using our microhardness tester with a PC you can save results in a database format, print reports and perform a more detailed visual analysis.  

Quality optics ensure accurate and repeatable Microhardness testing 

With its state-of-the-art 5.1MP camera featuring both 20X and 60X objective lenses, the Tru-Blue Micro VT produces a clear image of your test samples.

A multi-sector microhardness tester

Our microhardness tester is relied upon across a diverse range of sectors from metal packaging, beverage and pharmaceuticals through to defense, electronics and construction and civil engineering.

Microhardness tester excellence – as standard

The Tru-Blue Micro VT was designed to support your microhardness testing to meet a multitude of international and industry standards, including: 

A complete microhardness tester portfolio

Every microhardness lab requires sample preparation equipment to ensure the surface of samples being tested are flat and smooth. 

Using our experience gained over the past 50-years in the hardness testing industry, we’ve designed and built a wide range of accessories unique to microhardness testing. These include bench-top sample cutters, sample mounting devices and double-disc sample grinder / polishers.

Also from the United Testing range we make an industry-leading rockwell hardness testerthe Tru-Blue II with handy accessories such as this mobile floor stand.  

Whether you’re in the market for a single piece of equipment for your lab, or looking to set-up a new lab dedicated to hardness testing, we offer a range of products. We have the expertise to answer any question and deliver the product that will best suit your needs. For more information – just get in touch! 

Microhardness testing top tips

Over many decades of making microhardness testers we’ve gained a lot of knowledge that we like to share. You’ll find helpful testing insight throughout the knowledgebase section of our website where we publish articles exploring all manner of related subjects. First up. you can take a more detailed dive into what Knoop and Vickers hardness testing is all about. Then perhaps you’d like to pick up some advice on what’s involved in rockwell hardness testing 


SKU: Tru-Blue Micro VT

Applications: Hardness Testing, Materials Testing, Microhardness Testing

Materials: Aluminum, Metals, Steel, Tinplate

Test methods: Vickers & Knoop

Test forces: 10gf, 25gf, 50gf, 100gf, 200gf, 300gf, 500gf, 1000gf

Min measuring unit: 0.01µm

Hardness measuring range: 8~2900HV

Tester dimensions: 24.8 x 11.4 x 26.7 inches, 630 x 290 x 680mm

Approximate net weight: 117lbs, 53Kg

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Success Stories

The problem

Some paint manufacturers have to undertake so many different types of tests that it’s hard to stay on top of the demands of their industry and the changing technologies that can best support them.

The solution

This was the case for our valued customer. They needed the equipment, skills, experience, and collaboration of a genuine partner. One offering personalized support and guidance identifying the correct inspection solution for each situation. We are always delighted to help.

The outcome

Daniel Marschall, President of Marschall Labs, said:


“The professionals at Industrial Physics took the time to understand the specific testing equipment needs of our lab. I can’t say enough about the excellent customer service and support they provide.”

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