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Environmental Chamber w/ Stand

United Environmental Chamber's provide unparalleled accuracy and ease of operation while offering the assurance of years of reliable service when it is necessary to heat or cool samples as part of your test procedures.





Designed to allow both Compression Testing to be conducted in a high or low-temperature environment.
Designed to be used with United UIniversal test Machines.
The unique portable design allows the chamber to be easily removed from the test frame so tests can be performed at room temperature.

Control System:
Digital temperature controller
Remote control enclosure
Time-proportioning auto reset feature
Temperature is read directly from digital display

Heating System:
Eight quartz-enclosed heating elements
Enhanced temperature stability

High-density ceramic fiber
14-gauge steel outer shell
300-series stainless steel inner liner

Cooling medium: CO2 or LN2
Solenoid valve controls flow of cooling medium

Safety Features:
Door-activated cutoff switch
Over-temperature switch
Breakaway plugs
Thermocouple break protection

Add-on Options
Hand ports for internal sample manipulation
Side window (use with laser extensometer)
Lower-limit temperature to -300°F
Solid state, digital high or low safety controls
Dimensional changes
Special paint

Model:  UEC 3.5 Model specifications below

POWER REQUIREMENTS:  208-240V, 60Hz, 40A, Single Phase

DIMENSIONS:  21″W x 41″D x 25″H (Chamber), 38″W x 39″D x 79″H (Floor Stand)

WEIGHT:  325 lbs

Model:  UEC 2.0 Model spcifiations below

POWER REQUIREMENTS:  220-240V, 60Hz, 30A, Single Phase

DIMENSIONS:  13″W x 40″D x 24″H (Chamber), 38″W x 39″D x 79″H (Floor Stand)

WEIGHT:  275 lbs

Features & Benefits

Double Articulating Door

Remote Control Panel

Quartz Enclosed Heaters

Stainless Steel Interior

Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Interior Lighting

Over-temperature Safety Switch

Viewing Window

Door-activated Cutoff Switch

Adjustable Door Latches

Breakaway Safety Plugs

1/3 HP 1,725-rpm Fan Motor

Height-adjustable Floor Stand