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Products  > United Testing Rockwell Hardness Tester Tru-Blue II

United Testing Rockwell Hardness Tester Tru-Blue II

The Tru-Blue II is a high quality rockwell hardness tester that was designed for acutely accurate microhardness testing and simplicity of use across various materials from aluminum, metals and steel to tinplate.


Brought to you by United Testing, our advanced materials testing brand, the Tru-Blue II rockwell hardness tester uses the latest electronic controls, coupled with high-precision load cells to provide accurate penetration measurement data. 

What is rockwell hardness testing?

Hardness is a characteristic of a material rather than a fundamental physical property. It’s defined as the resistance to indentation and it’s determined by measuring the permanent depth of the indentation. The rockwell hardness scale is a microhardness test demonstrating how hard your materials are, the smaller the indentation after applying a fixed load, the harder the material.  

Why choose a Rockwell hardness tester?

At Industrial Physics, we understand that lab downtime and disruptions cost you money – that’s why every section of this rockwell hardness tester is manufactured by skilled experts using the highest quality components possible. The Tru-Blue II Rockwell Hardness Tester is built for durability, precision and ease of use, complete with a removable clamping device that secures your test, reducing operator influence. This is a benchtop hardness tester offers a higher precision and accuracy compared to portable testers due to their stable setup and controlled environment. 

Wide-ranging microhardness testing

The Tru-Blue II gives you unparalleled control of your rockwell hardness testing. If offers you 15 regular scales: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, N, P, S, V; and it features 15 superficial scales: 15N, 30N, 45N, 15T, 30T, 45T, 15W, 30W, 45W, 15X, 30X, 45X. 15Y, 30Y and 45Y. 

The height of rockwell hardness measurement:  

To make your job as easy as possible the Tru-Blue II rockwell hardness tester is available in vertical test heights including 10”, 14”, 18” and 20″. 

NADCAP ready rockwell hardness measurement  

The Tru-Blue II rockwell hardness tester is used in many NADCAP approved facilities including heat treaters, fastener manufacturers, and fabricators. 

A built to last rockwell hardness tester 

When you need absolute confidence in your rockwell hardness measurement you want a machine that’s tough enough for the job. The Tru-Blue II will help you to perform thousands of test cycles without the risk of breakdown or failure. 

Microhardness tester excellence – as standard

The Tru-Blue II was designed to support your microhardness testing to meet a multitude of international and industry standards, including: 

Easy microhardness testing 

The Tru-Blue II Rockwell Hardness Tester comes with five preset load dwell times including for NIST and plastics and a useful connector to activate tests using a foot switch. It also gives you instant computer controlled application of forces through a closed-loop load cell. You can easily identify the hardness values in points, tenths and hundredths, displayed on the high resolution digital display.  

50+ years of Hardness Testing experience

We’ve used this experience to design and manufacture a wide range of microhardness testers and accessories. These include bench-top sample cutters, sample mounting devices and double-disc sample grinder / polishers. Also from the United Testing range we make the industry-leading United Testing Tru-Blue Micro VT a semi-automatic microhardness tester to perform Vickers hardness (HV) or Knoop hardness (HK) tests.

Whether you’re in the market for a single piece of equipment for your lab, or looking to set-up a new lab dedicated to microhardness testing, we offer a range of products. We have the expertise to answer any question and deliver the product that will best suit your needs. For more information – just get in touch! 

Rockwell Hardness testing top tips

We’ve been building microhardness testers for decades and we’ve learnt a thing or two. You’ll find helpful testing insight throughout the knowledgebase section of our website where we publish articles exploring all manner of related subjects. First up, you can take a more detailed dive into what Knoop and Vickers hardness testing is all about. Then perhaps you’d like to pick up some advice on what’s really involved in rockwell hardness testing.



Applications: Hardness Testing, Materials Testing, Rockwell Hardness Testing

Materials: Aluminum, Metals, Steel, Tinplate

Item: TB-II-H10-D5.5 

Vertical capacity: 10″ 

Throat depth: 5.5″ 

Closed loop: control of test cycle 

Application: of force measured via a load cell 

Test: five preset test dwell times in accordance with ASTM E-18 

Warranty: two-year factory warranty 

Certified: CE certified 

Spec: 110 or 220VAC 50/60 Hz 1 Phase, 1 Amp 

Dimension: 8″W x 20″D x 33.5″H 

Weight: 185 lbs. (84 Kg) 

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Success Stories

The problem

Some paint manufacturers have to undertake so many different types of tests that it’s hard to stay on top of the demands of their industry and the changing technologies that can best support them.

The solution

This was the case for our valued customer. They needed the equipment, skills, experience, and collaboration of a genuine partner. One offering personalized support and guidance identifying the correct inspection solution for each situation. We are always delighted to help.

The outcome

Daniel Marschall, President of Marschall Labs, said:


“The professionals at Industrial Physics took the time to understand the specific testing equipment needs of our lab. I can’t say enough about the excellent customer service and support they provide.”

Spares and Accessories

Close-up View of United Diamond Indenters

Rockwell diamond indenters: Scales A, C, N and C/N combo indenters.

Close-up View of United TB II Accessories

Several accessories are available for United's True Blue II Hardness Tester.

TB II Test Blocks with certification sheet

Rockwell, Brinell and Micro hardness test blocks

True Blue II Hardness Anvils Support Devices

Hardness Anvils for the True Blue II Rockwell Hardness tester.

UTS True Blue II Mobile Floor Stand

The Tru-Blue II mobile stand provides a sturdy base and makes it easy to move the tester from one location to another.

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