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Products  > United Testing True Blue II Hardness Anvils

United Testing True Blue II Hardness Anvils

Hardness Anvils for the True Blue II Rockwell Hardness tester.


Hardness Anvils are used to support your samples when performing a Rockwell Hardness test.
Various anvil’s are available for a variety of different sample sizes and shapes.


SKU: True Blue II Hardness Anvils

Applications: Hardness Testing, Materials Testing, Microhardness Testing, Rockwell Hardness Testing

Materials: Aluminum, Metals, Steel, Tinplate

Common Avil Sizes: -1.5″ Flat Anvil, -2.5″ Flat Anvil, -1/4″ Spot Anvil, -1/2″ Spot Anvil, -1.5″ V Anvil, -2.5″ V Anvil, -3-1/2″ V Anvil

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