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Tru-Blue Sample Mounting Press

Looking for an effective sample mounting press tool to assist your microhardness testing needs? Introducing the True-Blue Sample Mounting Press -perfect for preparing metal and alloy samples.





The Tru-Blue SMP is quick and easy to use, comes with fully automatic cycle controls, and offers a corrosion resistant cover. To find out more about the technical components of our system, click here.

The Tru-Blue SMP is available as a stand-alone instrument, can be added to an existing lab, or you can choose to use it alongside the brand-new United Testing System Tru-Blue MicroVT – a state-of-the-art microhardness testing system for metal and alloy parts. You can find out more about the TB-MicroVT here.

Discover a full range of microhardness testing solutions
United Testing Systems is part of the Industrial Physics family – a global business within the test and inspection space. We have a wealth of experience providing first-rate Rockwell hardness testers and associated accessories.

Take a look at our suite of microhardness testing solutions – all designed to make it easier for you to get the results you need:

• Tru-Blue MicroVT – our brand-new microhardness tester
• Tru-Blue Grinder & Polisher
• Tru-Blue Sample Cutter

Invest in the Tru-Blue collection to achieve accurate and repeatable microhardness testing results.

Machine dimension:  16.5 in x 14.5 in x 19.6 in (42cm x 37cm x 50cm)

Case dimension:  19.6 in x 17.7 in x 21.6 in (50cm x 45cm x 55cm)

Bench weight (net/gross):  99.2 lbs (45 kg)

Ship weight:  154.3 lbs (70 kg)

Power supply:  220V-50Hz

Mold heater spec:  1250 Watt

Max. system pressure:  250 bar

Features & Benefits

Sturdy table model machine

Corrosion resistant cover

Quick & easy operation

Fully automatic cycle controls

Save/store pre-set parameters (temperature, pressure, time)

Quick setting adjustment button

Easy to understand icon-based controls for cycle time, heating, cooling, pressure, and loading