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PROFILE/Plus® Controller

Controller Package - Connect up to 16 PROFILE/Plus Instruments. Includes Control Module, Software,Touchscreen operator interface,Ethernet & FTP connectivity, Sample entrance and exit platforms, Remote Viewer(Optional)



Measure – Standardized testing is at the core of the PROFILE/plus. Combine that with robust automation and measurement technology to create an automation system second to none.

Collect – As each measurement is made the data is recorded for display in charts, graphs and tables. Pick and choose the data most important and associate them with other test to insure the quality of your product.

Distribute – This is the critical piece so that the machine floor can get access to the data ASAP, making adjustments to the paper machine, minimizing waste and confidently shipping products to your customers.

Looking to build a full automated testing system?

Access our full PROFILE/Plus product range here

Features & Benefits

Includes Control Module


Touchscreen operator interface

Ethernet & FTP connectivity

Sample entrance and exit platforms

Remote Viewer(Optional)

Historical data review and analysis

New and improved operator interface

Simplified system configurations and updates

FTP mill interface

Measurement and data zoning