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Products  > Technidyne PROFILE/Plus® TAPPI Opacity

Technidyne PROFILE/Plus® TAPPI Opacity

The Technidyne PROFILE/Plus® Opacity accurately and automatically evaluates paper opacity to TAPPI Method T425 standards. 


Brought to you by Technidyne, our specialist optical, surface, and physical property testing brand, the Profile Plus device evaluates the TAPPI opacity of paper samples, in seconds. 

The PROFILE/Plus® Opacity is a fully-automated TAPPI opacity measurement device. It’s both accurate and precise. It performs  fully automated paper opacity measurements. This increases efficiency and lowers overall testing costs. 

The fast, accurate paper opacity measurements the Profile Plus takes provides the data needed to make positive process changes. Changes to improve quality or to enhance profitability. 

A fast, industry-focused TAPPI opacity machine 

The TEST/Plus® TAPPI Opacity uses industry standardized measurement technology for the most reliable and useful paper opacity testing. Plus it’s really fast – providing you with data in mere seconds.  

Automatic paper opacity testing

Our TAPPI T425 paper opacity tester operates automatically to ensure precise alignment and controlled loading of your sample and the backing. 

With the PROFILE/Plus® TAPPI Opacity you get an inbuilt profile automatically with the built-in Paper Advance System (PAS). This allows you to cross check across the entire web to better meet any customer’s opacity testing needs.  

Faultless paper opacity measurement

The simple operation of the Profile Plus eliminates operator errors. This promotes confidence in the TAPPI opacity test results, enabling tighter process controls and soon saving you money. 

Good-looking TAPPI opacity testing

A consistent appearance is an important attribute for the makers of paper products. If a company wants to impress, they need their products to look good across every batch. 

Paper opacity testing helps makers of paper products to guarantee consistently high standards. The TAPPI Opacity is part of our popular PROFILE/Plus® line of instruments. Use it to guarantee the most accurate paper opacity measurements of your products or packaging.  

Calibration data protection

The PROFILE/Plus® TAPPI Opacity uses standardized calibration data you can rely on. It helps you to determine whether or not your products are ready to be shipped, reducing customer complaints further down the chain.. 

Infrared paper opacity testing

The PROFILE/Plus® TAPPI Opacity has an infrared heat filter to maintain proper measurement conditions. This built in facility helps to ensure stable and reliable TAPPI opacity results. 

Quality TAPPI opacity technology 

The Technidyne PROFILE/Plus® TAPPI Opacity meets or exceeds the standards called for both TAPPI T425 and to ASTM D589 

TAPPI opacity measurement machines  

In today’s world of strict standards and high demands, the data needed to assess whether a product meets customer specifications is essential. You can count on our industry-leading Profile Plus machines when the appearance of your paper products is important. 

We make a wide range of paper testing devices and accessories. For example, check out the TEST/Plus® Gloss – it’s designed for accurate gloss testing of paper, cardboard, corrugated, inks and coatings, paper, paperboard and tissue in seconds.  

Or perhaps the PROFILE/Plus® Controller is what you need? Use it to connect up to 16 PROFILE/Plus instruments. It includes a control module, software, touchscreen operator interface, Ethernet and FTP connectivity.  

Blogs and advice from our brightest minds  

We like to share the lessons we’ve learnt over many decades of making TAPPI Opacity machines and similar devices. First you could check out this article – TEST/Plus™ ISO and TAPPI Brightness outshine expectations 

For more related content, there’s this blog on the main uses of a spectrophotometer, or this article which delves into some different methods of testing the physical properties of paper.

Looking to build a full automated testing system?

Access our full PROFILE/Plus product range here



Applications: Appearance Testing, Materials Testing, Optical Testing, Paper Testing, Paperboard Testing

Materials: Film, Inks and Coatings, Paper

Built-in paper feed: Yes

Sample grammage range: 15 to 600g/m²

Sample thickness range: 25 to 1000μm

Geometry: 15º illumination/diffuse viewing

Sample aperture diam./ sample area of view diam: 15.9mm/9.5mm

Effective wavelength: 572nm

Light source: quartz tungsten halogen

Spectral match bandwidth: ±0.5nm

Calibration: traceable to NRC

Measurement units: % opacity

Measurement range: 0-100 (% Opaque)

Accuracy to TAPPI method: ±0.3%

Repeatability: ±0.1%

Reproducibility (interinstrument): ±0.3%

Measurement results: opacity, rinf, R0

Statistics: average, maximum test value, minimum test value and standard deviation.

Data views: tabular, graphs and profile data

User interface: Touch Panel and LCD Display with multi function keys

Measurement time: <5 seconds

Data Communications/ ports: RS232C (tags optional) Printer (DB9 and DB25)

Recommended operating temp: 10-32° Celsius (50-90°F)

Power Consumption: 110 watt max/ 80 watts passive

Voltage/frequency: 100-250VAC/48-61Hz

Air requirement: 275Kpa (40psi)

Depth: 46cm (18in)

Width: 26.7cm (10.5in)

Height: 66cm (26in)

Weight: 34kg (75lbs)

Country of origin: U.S.A

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Success Stories

The problem

Some paint manufacturers have to undertake so many different types of tests that it’s hard to stay on top of the demands of their industry and the changing technologies that can best support them.

The solution

This was the case for our valued customer. They needed the equipment, skills, experience, and collaboration of a genuine partner. One offering personalized support and guidance identifying the correct inspection solution for each situation. We are always delighted to help.

The outcome

Daniel Marschall, President of Marschall Labs, said:


“The professionals at Industrial Physics took the time to understand the specific testing equipment needs of our lab. I can’t say enough about the excellent customer service and support they provide.”

Spares and Accessories

Technidyne Profile/Plus TAPPI Opacity

TAPPI Opacity Opacity Calibration and Verfication Kit - Single Set - Designed for use with PROFILE/Plus TAPPI Opacity . Includes Traceability Certificate.

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Technidyne Profile/Plus TAPPI Opacity

TAPPI Opacity Opacity Calibration and Verfication Kit - Subscription Quarterly - Designed for use with PROFILE/Plus TAPPI Opacity. Includes Traceability Certificate.

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Technidyne Profile/Plus TAPPI Opacity

TAPPI Opacity Opacity Calibration and Verfication Kit - Subscription Quarterly - Designed for use with PROFILE/Plus TAPPI Opacity. Includes Traceability Certificate.

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