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TQC Sheen RotoThinner

The flexibility of the Sheen  Rotothinner™ allows the user the ultimate control during the viscosity reduction process whilst also providing very useful stability analysis.




  • TQC Sheen
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    Sheen RotoThinner

    The Rotothinner™ offers a two in one instrument for material testing. It offers easy,  continuous monitoring of the material viscosity during the addition of solvents and thinners to create supply or RFU viscosity. The instrument uniquely allows definitive viscosity analysis at times preselected by the user, providing excellent data relating to shear performance, perfect for laboratory and factory applications.
    The flexibility of the Rotothinner™ allows the user the ultimate control during the viscosity reduction process whilst also providing very useful stability analysis. It is perfect for use in both production and laboratory environments.
    Three measuring ranges in one instrument, The Rotothinner™ can be supplied with a choice of spindles*. Three spindles are available: one plate and two ball spindles. With these spindles three measuring ranges are covered.
    ►The plate spindle is used to determine viscosity of fluids of 0-22 poise.
    ►The large ball spindle is used for measurements between 0-75 poise.
    ►The small ball spindle is used for measurements between 0-350 poise.
    Conforming to ISO 2884 and BS 3900 A7 a range of verification oil kits are also available.
    *If you need spindles of the old model Sheen Rotothinner™, please contact us for availability and the correct article numbers.


    A tin container is filled with sample fluid and positioned on a magnetic rings mounted on top of the base. The spindle is submersed in the sample fluid by lowering the handle. When the handle has reached the lowest point, the spindle starts rotating with a set constant speed. The displays shows the actual measured viscosity in poise.


    The reading of free-flowing fluids can be viewed quickly. More structured materials need more time because the spindle applies shear that influences the reading. That’s why the Rotothinner™ offers several reading presets.


    After taking the reading(s) the handle can be lifted to a level where the spindle is just below the rim of the sample container. This level offers the operator the opportunity to spin off the sample material. When the handle is raised to its maximum extent the spindle automatically switches off. The quick release chuck allows for quick spindle exchange and eases cleaning the instrument and spindles.

    Accurate and repeatable

    The Rotothinner™ is microprocessor controlled which ensures a higher accuracy and repeatability. The accuracy is enhanced by the automatic multi-point calibration, for which no dongle is required.

    Features & Benefits

    The manual reading starts when the handle is at its lowest point.

    The continuous reading gives continuous measurement results.

    The max hold function shows the maximum reading.

    The time-to-reading function offers the opportunity to automatically take readings with a set time interval.

    An automatic display hold function is available to freeze the reading so it can be noted more easily.