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Viscosity Conversion Table

Viscosity conversion chart

Viscosity is the resistance of a fluid to movement or to a change of shape. Testing the viscosity of a fluid, whether it’s a liquid or a gas, can show you how that sample will behave in certain circumstances. For example, measuring viscosity lets you predict how quickly oil may pour from a spout or how quickly paint will dry.

Converting viscosity measurements

To understand how the measurements taken during a viscosity test relate to the properties of the fluid being tested, you need to be able to convert them. When using a viscometer, the force needed to move the fluid is typically converted to centistokes (cSt). This, combined with the number of seconds, allows you to determine the viscosity.

Check our chart to see the formulas for making sure your sample meets the relevant industry standards.

Key factors in viscosity calculations:

  • Temperature
  • Cup size
  • Oli selection

See more information about what to account for each in our handy chart. If you have any questions about our conversion chart at all, or you want to hear more about the process, please do contact us – we’ll be happy to help.

The iP viscosity conversion chart

Viscosity Conversion table

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Viscosity testing the Industrial Physics way

We have everything you need to get the most out of your viscosity testing solution, from the testing machines themselves to oils to be used with them.

We also manufacture a fantastic range of viscosity testing cups, including the Sheen Viscosity Cup ISO 2431 Immersion ­– a range of titanium anodized aluminum or stainless steel (SS303) viscosity cups with fixed stainless steel nozzle (inner cavity) and handle. We also have the Sheen AFNOR Viscosity Cups, another range of precision engineered titanium anodized viscosity testing cups for lacquers, paints, and other liquids.

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Help finding the right viscosity testing cups, accessories and machines

Whether you need a whole new set up or you’re simply looking for the right cups to expand your test and inspection capabilities, we can help. Our wealth of experience means we can listen to exactly what you need and advise on the best viscosity testing method or machine for the job. Keen to find out more? Get in touch.